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Sunday, 26 June 2022


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"Show him the sonogram." Wow, did not see that coming. And everyone goes home with a Kayak... vicious.

Yep, terrific writing and unpredictable.

Mike, if you haven't seen it already, start season one of 30 Rock. Tina Fey at her best and a great supporting cast to speak her well written lines. I have the whole series on DVD and binge it once a year.

Tina Fey using her real name in that skit is brilliant. Adding a bit of truth makes the fiction so much sharper.

Orson Welles‘s film F is for fake certainly merits a mention in this fine company. After explaining that the movie is about lying and deception Orson says “During the next hour, everything you'll hear from us is really true and based on solid facts.” Needless to say the film is somewhat longer than an hour, The fact that the famous literary forger Clifford Irving wrote the book about the art forger Elmyr de Hory upon which the film is based is only the beginning of the layers upon layers of deception and misdirection in the film. There’s a synopsis of the film on Wikipedia and I have seen it several times (I was a film student briefly) and even with the notes trying to figure out where you as the audience are in relation to the story and or facts is really hard. I highly recommend seeing it. It seems pretty simple until you try to explain it. Worst college paper I ever wrote was about it.

That was one of my favorite skits.
My current wife of twenty three years was five months old when I married my first wife.
Sometimes life moves in mysterious ways.
My camera at time was a Nikon F Photomic.

As the saying goes, never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Hey Mike, take a look at this photographer from Barcelona, Txema Salvans.


I got the idea from him that the word hooker was a fishing term that prostitutes used to hook men.

About the hooker story - true or not, I hope US talk show audiences today would not applaud so enthusiastically a story about a criminal cheating a worker.


A totally entertaining post. Thanks. IMO, the title should have been "Humor (OT)". I found nothing inappropriate about it.

You know Mike as someone who is now closer to 70 than 60 I find a lot of what I found humorous in my younger years is no longer so. It is now harder to get a chuckle of of me than it once was. But that skit? Damn. Good pick and the death look was a classic.

Cripes, that SNL skit is funny.

The origin of the term comes from NYC’s Lower East Side neighborhood named Corlears Hook. By the early 1800s it was notorious for its high amount of streetwalkers of both sexes colloquially referred to as Hookers.

As his “reputation” started while on campaign in Mexico during the late 1840s, the association of hookers with the Major General’s name seems to be fortuitous. Too bad he wasn’t in the Navy, this could have been a seaman joke.

I’ll show myself out.

Great late nite hosts:
1. Johnny Carson
2. Dick Cavett
3. Steve Allen
4. David Letterman

Poor late nite hosts:
everyone else.

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