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Sunday, 15 May 2022


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Give him a can of Dust-Off (https://www.filmtools.com/31-fal-dpsxl.html) when he gets back.

Pierre is a good photographer! I recall touring his images at least once before. (I just wish his slide show was slower or controllable.)

I remember back in the early '00s, I was active on a Leica site with a solid core of posters that would engage in active discussions and debates on all things Leica. I mentally assigned a face to each name, or in some cases screen names, just based on their tone and vocabulary in the threads.

Then someone suggested that we all post a portrait so we would know who we were talking to. Boy, was I ever wrong in my idea of what these people looked like!

Glad you got to physically interact with a reader of your site. Kind of makes it real, right?

A four-week road trip? Oh. My. God. Stop me now.

When people post links in brackets the closing bracket usually get incorporated in the link resulting in a 404, as in Brian Geyer’s comment here. Not sure if it’s the fault of Blogger or your implementation.

Thank you for the introduction to Pierre, and for mentioning the Chat-a-Whyle. I frequently drive through Bath on my trips to the Cameron area and have noted that restaurant, so I’ll stop in next trip.

I suspect that Pierre’s accent is at least as much Québécois as it is French. 🤣

I realize they don't move much, except in high winds, but the traffic lights and signs above Mr. Charbonneau's head suggest a mobile. That's a very cool street portrait.

"It's Not About the F-Stop by Jay Maisel"

Indeed! It sits on the shelf next to Light Gesture Color

They are two of the important books, to me, that I turn to regularly, for entertainment and knowledge.

I suggested Light Gesture Color for it's lean in emphasis toward the ways of a simple lover of photography.

It's Not About the F-Stop leans a bit more commercial. I love it for his love of long telephotos. Nice to find a famous fellow traveler.

His straightforward advice about all aspects of photography are fresh air to me.

Even when I disagree with his opinions, I find that the process clarifies my own ideas.

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