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Thursday, 19 May 2022


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The recent photo from Dorothea Lange is something I would hang on my wall. This image by Man Ray might do for a bookmark.

Well, wasn´t surrealism pretty much an excuse for male artists to look at and show women in the nude? I mean, just look at the pictures.

The term "won" when applied to auctions seems wrong. It is the practice to do so of course, but it implies luck, passion or skill, or a combination of these, when in fact buying an item this way is mostly just shopping.

The title and the image itself also reference the Valpincon bather, one of Ingres' most famous paintings

Ingres pronounced "ong", really? Well not in French!

[But about as close as English-speakers can come. By the same token, French people have such problems pronouncing "Johnston," my last name, that when my father traveled in France (which he did often) he went by the pseudonym "Monsieur Post." --Mike]

There is a coffee table book about Elton John’s photograph collection. It seems to cover all rooms in his home, so maybe a bit difficult to visit. The book is named something like ‘pictures from the Elton John collection’.

Much closer to ‘ang-ruh’ (as in bang)


Many Americans drop the ‘ruh’


As woman, find it sad but inevitable that most expensive photograph ever is of unclothed woman and has title which may be (which means it almost certainly is) offensive joke about that woman.

And in my field government adviser says in public that girls are put off physics because they do not like 'hard maths' (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-61247374). Because obviously my weak girl brain (and worse am not even really white girl, brain must be just mush) cannot cope with hard sums.

None of this your fault of course. Oh well.

The Elton John exhibition was at Tate Modern (London) for a few months from November 2016.
I went and was very impressed but didn't buy the printed catalogue: 'The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from the Sir Elton John Collection', Shoair Mavlian (ed), Tate Publishing, 2016. I'm not sure why not; I bought the Salgado 'Genesis' catalogue, despite disliking something about the tonality of the prints exhibited.
Copies still seem to be available.

There are all sorts of common usages where one "wins" some sort of conflict, contest, or competition by expending more money. The most directly applicable usage is "bidding war", of course (this can happen in an actual art auction, like the recent art auction the Man Ray photo was sold in, but also just when two companies are both interested in buying a 3rd, or when multiple publishers are interested in a new book by some author).

Regardless of these related usages, "winning" an auction is simply the conventional expression for having made the highest bid in it.

As a true feminist and #MeToo-adherent I am deeply shocked that this softcore pornographic picture is a record breaker in terms of auction prices. I mean: who can seriously approve this depicting of a naked back of a beautiful women, including the ass crack? This objecifies women! We still have a long way to go in wokeness.

I wanted to be ironic. But now that I peruse the other comments, I am afraid the irony could have been missed. :-(
Prudishness has come a long way.

[Everyone's response to art is valid for them. --Mike]

Among surrealist masterpieces, I think I prefer "le Violon" to Mr. R. Mutt's 1917 "Fountain."

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