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Tuesday, 24 May 2022


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Wow those were fabulous! A great concept well executed.

Yep, gotta score that as another successful Baker's Dozen! Nice range of pictures here, all interesting.

For me Chris Bertram's accidental camera obscura image stood out as the most...surprising, maybe? Furthest from what I expected, yet quite clearly conforming to the assignment. I'm also amused you managed 2 camera obscura photos, one external and one internal.

"If your name didn't appear here"...it's because my submission didn't catch your interest. Or, in this particular case, because I didn't submit anything :-) . (I've submitted to previous ones, and I'm pretty sure that's why my photo wasn't chosen! That's your job, you're the editor.)

Carsten: "It immediately occurred to me that I needed to photograph it on my Fuji X100F, wearing a bowtie in matching red."

Yes you did! And it was well thought out and executed. Very nice.

This shot and many others make me glad that I didn't post and waste Mike's time.

That was fun! I made a point of sending in a photograph, just for the experience of setting up a still life shot. Seeing the ones you've chosen, I wouldn't have picked mine either. Still a good experience.

Wow! What a thoroughly enjoyable collection of clever images and subjects. Thank you to all photographers and to Mike for putting this project in the express lane.

Did I already say, “Wow!”?

Wow, I really wasn't expecting to see such an interesting bunch of photos. Kudos to shooters and curator alike.

The Mark Hobson link doesn’t work — goes to TOP.

[I fixed it as well as I could. I couldn't make it work as a link but it works when I enter it manually. --Mike]

WOW, they are all AMAZING, CREATIVE, I never thought this idea of yours would turn out so goooood.

The mail order camera dealer in California from whom Gary Nylander bought his first Tachihara may have been Lee Beeder Cameras. I brought my 4×5 Tachihara from Beeder in 1982. He advertised in camera magazines and may have imported the Tachiharas directly from the maker.

Great stories, and a great series. Well done!

I was out all day with my MAB camera crawling through an untrammelled bush to make images for an ongoing project.

I'm happy to report that the MAB camera is not just ugly, it works great! ;)

The title for this “dozen” seemed very unpromising and yet has produced a most interesting and varied collection.

[I don’t understand anything about links but apparently Mark Hobson’s proper address is http://lifesquared.squarespace.com/ which does work as a link but the http is hidden somehow. I found this by pasting it into Reminders on iPad as this strips out all the formatting. iPad doesn’t have a native text editor.]

The reason I did not submit is related to a quote from Fran Liebowitz... "one's chances of winning the lottery are the same whether or not you buy a ticket." Seriously, a great group of images. Maybe next time.

Bravo! Great stuff. Nicely edited,Mike.

That bowtie Fuji is artwork. Superb.

This Baker's Dozen revealed a lot of interesting cameras, talents, stories and personalities.

Great set of photos. My favorite is "Irene Burnes", which has verve! pizzazz! and a Speed Graphic!

Also Chris Bertram's camera obscura is just wonderful.

An interesting series...thanks for the inclusion, Mike.

Great concept and very interesting group of photos. Thank you for choosing my photo!

Kodachromeguy: My memory fails me on the name of the store, I think it was located in Santa Barbara, but I'm not sure.

A most wonderful set of pictures!

In the self-portrait in mirror genre where so often people look serious, the smile of Ms. Irene Burnes, Terry's mother, is priceless!

Re. Bob Rosinsky's Olypus E-M5, the crazy way (?) that this camera is mated to the Arca-Swiss style mounting clamp atop the ballhead is visually disruptive—at least, to me.

How/why is the mounting (or lack thereof) being accomplished in this unique manner? What's going on here? Is the mounting purely gravity dependent? And what's with that big pedestal underneath the camera body? Can Bob please provide some helpful comment?

What a eclectic, interesting mix of cameras and backstories. Well played to all!

This is awesome.It attracts to touch.

What a fantastic curation of fascinating and fabulous photos. Great job Mike!

I liked this Baker's Dozen. TOP readers have some very creative interpretations of "camera". As usual I fell down the rabbit hole and spent a considerable amount of time happily following the links. Great photos were to be found. I particularly liked Gary Nylander's landscapes and I have only had time to view a small portion of them.

BTW, is the bidding still open for Richard Man's Leica?

What a very nice series ! I had expected something more geeky (should have known better). My favourite (if any, they’re all great) is the second picture by Bob Rosinsky. It called to my always visually associative mind the photograph on the cover of Stephen Shore’s ‘The Nature of Photographs’ by Kenneth Josephson and, in the same book, a Lee Friedlander car mirror picture, while being still very much a digital age original. There’s no history like photo history ! Thank you all and thank you, Mike.

A great selection of work! Thank you Mike, and to everyone that choose to submit and share their work. I have many favorites, but in all honesty, Gary Nylander's I am partial to because I love 4x5 cameras so much, and his story behind the image is way cool!

Marvellous photos, interesting stories. Congrats Mike on a brilliant concept. More please asap.
I did intend to submit, my first to Bakers Dozen, but had trouble locating the image I wanted to use, lost in the black hole of Lightroom, sans keywords and other ‘find my photo’ tools.
It was scan of a slide of my son, Jason, with his first camera, a 7th birthday gift. He’s 51 on Sunday, a keen photographer who puts my work to shame… and with an extensive kit to match.
So there’s my backstory for the pic I didn’t submit.

Great selections. Kudos to all.

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