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Sunday, 24 April 2022


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John Calvin
Thomas Hobbes

John Calvin (left) the Swiss reformer
Thomas Hobbes (right)

With no cheating with google images and guessing that the originals are engravings not photographs, I’m guessing the man on the left is Galileo and on the right an Englishman,maybe Francis Bacon

John Calvin on left.
Thomas Hobbes on right.

Hi Mike!

The guy on the left is likely John Calvin, which should give me a clue to the second, but I got nothin' but a wild guess: John Endecott of the Mass. Bay Colony. Curious where this leads.

I have no idea who these two guys were but would like to think that the picture on the left was taken with a Leica M6, 50mm Summicon lens and Fuji Acros; the guy on the right with a Mamiya RB67 with Tri-X. Natural lighting.

[Excellent guesses! And Calvin is printed on Brovira, and Hobbes on Ilford Warmtone. --Mike]

I was wondering whether the chap on the right was the first man ever to notice he was having his likeness rendered without his permission.

Cute. I wrote a paper in a Philosophy class contrasting both men with their comic strip counterparts, and injecting a bit of Sartre into the mix. It was one of the more fun papers to hand in.

Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top and an elderly Doc Holiday? :-)

It is amazing how much of Calvin and Hobbes' political/societal commentary still resonates today.

My only complaint is that he focused a little too much on gum-chewing towards the end, which might be one of the reasons he decided to retire.

Our son was raised on Calvin and Hobbes:

Calvin & Hobbes is an essential read - Dilbert is not far behind.

Abbott and Costello, the early years.

You sure fooled me. I thought it was the guys you played pool with.

Benjamin Marks: One of the very best comments I've read, here or anywhere. Thank you. Sensible, thoughtful, wise and refreshing. I treasure this very nicely done set of books as well, as I did with the old strips in the newspaper and original paperback books. Thanks again.


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