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Friday, 29 April 2022


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A new one for me. What cameras did he use?

Richard, Oxford

A while back you had a print sale of a Lincoln Photograph. I wish I had bought one at the time. Maybe you should bring it back?

Wishful thinking.

For some reason, while I appreciate your OT posts, and duly revere Lincoln as someone who grew up in Illinois (the self-styled "Land of Lincoln"), I cannot help but recoil at the phrase "the quintessential and arguably the greatest American."

Lincoln was probably our greatest historic leader (and speechwriter), but I'd more easily put that descriptive phrase onto someone like Nicola Tesla. In both cases, I suppose it fits like a lumpy jacket that is both too big in places and ill-tailored, but that's words for you.

[Well, I said "arguably." So I guess that means it's okay to argue.

And...Tesla? Born and raised in the Austrian Empire, didn't move here till he was 28? Buried in Serbia? I really don't think a lot of people would consider him primarily American. Probably many Serbians would consider it appropriation. --Mike]

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