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Saturday, 05 March 2022


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You can get browser extensions for Chrome & Firefox from Bot Sentinel which purport to show up such posts as "problematic". I have it running on twitter, which I'm sure is much more of a morass than here, but not on my browser, since it's not supported. (Safari) Might be worth looking at if you use Chrome.


[Ah, thanks Margaret, but I don't use Chrome. I have other reasons to, because B&H has automatic linking in Chrome, but I've got all my bookmarks and so forth on Firefox. I think it would be a disruption to switch. --Mike]

Welcome to the modern world I guess.
On your recommendation I ordered "Eleventyone Portraits" and it arrived in NZ a few weeks ago. What a fascinating book.

I know nothing of bot sentinel but it appears to be available on Firefox!

Whenever there is conflict, people see the opposing view as “propaganda” and consider their own view as fair and balanced. After the end, the winner’s propaganda gets written down as history.

[I see. So you're saying the last election really was stolen from Trump, a mob never stormed the U.S. Capitol, Hillary Clinton really did run a child prostitution ring out of a pizza parlor, and on and on. I get it. Not the deliberate spreading of lies, just an opposing viewpoint. --Mike]

Mike, the same nonsense gets posted everywhere: anyone capable of using a keyboard creates their own version of the reality they have been conditioned to accept as "truth".

We saw this in Britain regarding the folly of Brexit, where a successful argument was made to dump Britain's largest market, Europe, for the imaginary value of fantasy deals that nobody wants to make with it. Much of Scotland opposed this folly (it was encouraged by Trump) yet, the very same country is home to a dangerous almost-majority attempting to quit membership of Britain for fantasies that were promoted by "Braveheart" and generations of fond faux memory. These lunatics then want to enter the European Union, itself struggling with its own minority separists, expecting those governments to open their arms to a newly independent Scotland, and thus encourage their own crazies... you couldn't make it up, but many think it reasonable belief.

Speaking of propaganda, Radio Sputnik which is owned by the Russian government news agency Rossiya Segodnya broadcasts on two different AM stations in the USA. But virtually no western news outlets broadcast in Russia now because if they say something Czar Putin does not like the staff can go to jail for up to 15 years.



Perhaps just 'alternate facts'

My son gave me How Rome Fell by Adrian Goldsworthy, a fine history of the effects of individuals with armed followers ‘taking their shot’ in recorded history. The resulting civil wars were debilitating for the Roman polity. The economy of the empire kept on by the power of trade in the Mediterranean based on gold. Henri Pirenne’s book Mohammed and Charlemagne follows this development in a concise manner in the early chapters. Both of these books are good reads and spark thought, but as none of us witnessed the Roman saga the truth is but a deduction.

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