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Thursday, 10 March 2022


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Imagine a world where the leaders of nations were concerned with the potential greatness of it’s people instead of the greatness of their self image, personal wealth and ability to control said people.

I wish Peter Turnley a safe passage. I met his brother David on a street corner in the Marais, Paris last October. Never having met, but having Peters book and knowing his likeness from a photo, I asked if he was Peter - he was very nice to me explaining that he was in fact David. We had a wonderful, if brief conversation. David had his Leica around his neck, obviously out for a photo walk. Mine was in my room, I was just out picking up breakfast croissant. Never know who you might meet in Paris, maybe someday I might run into Peter!

Don McCullin, the famous war photographer, also said that he took pictures to give a voice to the voiceless. I wish Peter a safe trip to Ukraine. I have a nasty feeling that the worst is yet to come.

I bought Peter's Covid book, and still haven't been able to really look at it because it was too fresh; we were still wearing masks and observing thousands of daily deaths. Terrific photography, horrible subject matter.

I can't imagine a Ukraine book from this man being anything less that amazing and for maybe 10 years, unviewable to anyone with a soul. Those kids will never be just kids again and it needs to be documented... hopefully for the war crime trials.

Message from the Ukrainian Orthodox church-

I was in the third grade when reading the Diary of Anne Frank was assigned. I was forever changed after that. I was eight years-old, my parents were divorcing, I was no longer permitted to write with my left hand, I developed a stutter and was afraid to speak, and growing up in Topanga Canyon was replaced with the frozen sidewalks of New Jersey. But, even at eight years-old I knew I was a fortunate one. I cried while reading Anne's diary. I cry today for the children in Peter's photo and for the unknown ones. How could we let this happen again?

Ms. Addario's work has been instantly recognizable in the TIMES photo stream. It seems to me that she could hardly be closer. I wish her, the Turnleys and all their colleagues good luck (to say nothing of everyone else there). What a sorry world.

Here's a collection of lot of work from inside Ukraine

"Our friend Peter Turnley crossed the border into Ukraine today."

Of course he did.

"He's 66"

Jesus, Peter, be careful.

I find this white paper on "Photography from an ethical perspective" a very interesting read.


Page 33, from my POV, probes into the question of exploitation for means to an end, that is on the one hand photo reportage brings great awareness to the world that is interested in following the events, then offset by these circumstances creating the stage for great and emotional imageries to be made. Like fishing in a lake full of fish if you will. Easy to catch fish which ostensibly can further ones own personal agenda whatever that may be.
Let's face it, it is much easier to make great photographs (all be it perhaps dangerous) when you are surrounded by surreal and what seems like endless tragedy.
This maybe perceived as cynical but I stand by that comment as to being the reality.

The paper does do a very good job of bringing balance of all the elements to the subject matter.

Somewhat off subject, what I find truly remarkable is that 20,000 people from all parts of the globe to date have traveled to Ukraine to help fight alongside the Ukrainians all at their own expense, with no glory in mind, but to simply put their own lives on the line for freedom.
This morning on BBC video report, a young Norwegian man was interviewed and his humble reason for being there and willing to sacrifice everything was very moving. Truly heroic in my mind.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace,” - Jimi Hendrix I think...

Here is a CNN link on PT's latest work - a few quotes and some photos: https://www.cnn.com/europe/live-news/ukraine-russia-putin-news-03-11-22/h_3b1c07ac2b5b16b73b391f3c91329624

A short interview and some of his photos are on cnn at https://www.cnn.com/europe/live-news/ukraine-russia-putin-news-03-11-22/h_3b1c07ac2b5b16b73b391f3c91329624

For Peter, it goes way beyond making photographs of people. He knows each one by name and they know him too, as this episode proves: https://youtu.be/3ySeM86SYPA

Peter was interviewed on CNN yesterday while still in Ukraine. He is not just an impressive photographer, he is an impressive person.

Except for the words EDGA, the picture has that WW2 feel to it.
I wish Peter a safe passage in and out of Ukraine.
No doubt he has another book coming along at the end of his trip. Even so, I always enjoyed his slide shows with appropriate musical accompaniment.

It is so much different when saw in black and white. I noted at least one of them hold a leica in his neck in the Facebook photo. Guess there is still some difference in tools you know, trust and provide a total different perspective.

Sad humanitarian crisis and whilst do not want to say this, the Russian brunt force is not as they have done in other area. More sadness will become. And we witness it without stopping it. Are all non-nato countries like Taiwan and japan in the Far East or Finland molodov etc.

Need to speak to power in a way they understand. Not paying billion per day to them even now.

[Well, if we try to stop it by force, we risk provoking nuclear escalation by Putin. We're doing what we can, I fear. --Mike]


Better photographs.

On the subject of photography in war. I was horrified to see an exhibition in Dubrovnik (croatia) by a war photographer of the Bosnia/serbia/croatian war. The images were chilling what was even more chilling was that they were for sale at about 500-1000euros each.

TASTELESS in the extreme.

Peter has headed back to Paris. I think David may be still in Ukraine.As ever both bearing witness to the horror affecting the innocent. So vital as the aggressors bring down the TV to try and stop the truth being told. It is extraordinary that relatives in Moscow simply will not believe what people in Ukraine are telling them.

In Poland (population 38 million) we are at the "receiving end" of that tragic train. Today we have over 1.7 *million* Ukrainian refugees and counting.
If you want to do something, please select any humanitarian organization (e.g. https://www.pah.org.pl/en/donate/) and donate.

@ Rick in CO - I met Peter in the Marias on April 8, 2019, the day he “ascended” to French citizenship, and as Mike reported that day. Perhaps we will “flip” chance meetings in the near future.

PS - I knew it was Peter; somehow there was no confusion for me, probably because I follow both on Instagram and have gotten to know the differences.

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