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Monday, 21 March 2022


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Thanks for sharing, his words are heartbreaking. The whole situation is something you normally only read about in the history of WWII, but it's on the daily news.

We have a new house that is quite big but not quite finished and, short of this war ending soon, I think we will be offering a room to a family. How could we not?

Video link not available in Australia?

Hooray for Peter Turnley, his photography showing us the depth of this tragedy. From the images that were shown, it's obvious he is doing some extraordinary work.

Thanks for posting this CBS clip featuring Peter's work, Mike. This is exceeding the definition of "heartbreaking".

As an aside, Peter shows some of his typically well-crafted doc work here. It's a bit of a mini-photo workshop in itself, isn't it? But, and I say this with all respect for Peter's work, I think b&w fails here. Why? Because it abstracts and romanticizes the misery as monochrome photography does with nearly all subjects. It dulls the raw immediacy. It's one thing to see terrified crying children and mothers in gray tones. But it's quite another to see the children wearing the same clothing colors that YOUR kids and grandchildren wear daily. That's the real teeth of the situation in the Ukraine; they're people living in the modern world. This could be Brooklyn or Memphis. But monochrome dulls that bite here, in my opinion, by rendering everything as historic record rather than living hell.

The video you posted isn't available in Canada, I don't know if it is the same one, but I found one here:https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2022/03/12/photographer-turnley-lviv-train-station-refugees-natpkg-vpx.cnn

Video unavailable in Canada!

Getting a “video not available in your country “ error. (Australia)

Video isn't available in Canada

Is there a reason why Australians cannot view this video? Are we being sanctioned now?

The uploader has not made this video available in your country.


Can't see the video in Canada.

FWIW the video plays in the U.K.

Mike wrote : ”…pictures don't actually depend on technical quality to be "good"—maybe some of them will even be "better" because of the effects of aging.”

I’m counting on that!

A VPN on your computer will allow you to pretend that you are in a country that can view the video. The simplest way for Windows and Linux users is to install the Opera browser. It includes a VPN and it's activated with just a few clicks.
Although Peter and his photos are only part of the video, they effectively show the despair that these people are going through.

Thank you for that.

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