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Wednesday, 16 March 2022


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Good luck, Mike!

A “Talk” piece in The New Yorker? Over the transom or do you know someone there? Either way, that is definitely a big deal. Congratulations.

You could... do two independent selections, one for each of the kinds of "object" photos. Oil with oil, water with water-no emulsifying necessary!

Always love to see more photographs :)

Seems to me the obvious answer is *two* Baker's Dozens, one for each sub-category.

Such excellent news. Whether you're published this time or not, your writing is getting attention from the right places.

Congratulation Mike for getting into the New Yorker (that is when it actually gets published, which I am sure it will). That is a nice feather to put into your cap.
You are a good writer and will fit right in. Don't go having the imposter syndrome.

You are probably well aware of it, but My Years With Ross by James Thurber is worth the read.

Mike, I am so happy for you. And for The New Yorker.

That is a beautiful photograph, Mike, and I am sure it will be just as compelling as an illustration. Best of luck!

While I've let all my magazine subscriptions go over the years, I will be subscribing to the New Yorker as soon as I learn they published your first piece!

Wow, look what happens when you get going. That reply was longer than some of your posts. No complaint here though - always good to get your thoughts on things.

I cancelled my subscription when I found myself with a six month backlog. I did find that my perspective on articles about "current events" changes considerably when those events become "history."

I have a love/hate relationship with the New Yorker. My wife got us a subscription a few years ago. On average, I figure that about half of the articles should be of interest to me. I am a scientist and love history, but I have zero interest in theater, or a lot of art, or even large corners of the world of music and musicians. Blame my redneck/uncultured upbringing. However... I'm also incredibly cheap so if I paid for something I'm going to use it, so I give every article a chance, and as the writing is generally of high quality (in my opinion) I almost always end up reading them all. I usually do one long article per breakfast and finish up the shorter articles on the last day before the next issue comes in the mail. So, while I generally enjoy what I'm reading (the love), I have this sinking feeling (the hate) that I'm going to be reading the New Yorker every day for the remainder of my life.
I don't think I've ever been on the website, but I will definitely check it out if one of your pieces goes up Mike.


That Margaret Wise Brown was really something.
I’ve made it a rule to never kick my leg in the air as a demonstration of good health.

Interesting conversation about focus, as I've been reading the book "Stolen Focus," which I like a lot. The author, Johan Hari, really stresses the need for social solutions, not individual ones. Spend your energy working with others to change society, rather than perfecting yourself, in other words. Of course, he does mention things you can do to improve focus individually. Read novels, for instance, not just non-fiction, as they seem to increase empathy. Let your mind wander on walks, skipping the podcast (without self-critical rumination, hopefully). That sort of thing. But mostly we need a different world.

Mike's elevating his prose. 🤣👍

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