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Sunday, 13 February 2022


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Hi Mike, I think you have it wrong.
Today is all about the ads - the game is just the method of delivery.

There are six live streaming services (i.e., TV over internet) plus NBC's own PeacockTV, and they all have free trial periods. (Peacock has been running so many promotions that there's a 50-50 chance that you qualify for a free account anyway.) By my count that's good for seven super bowls. Maybe you'll get sucked into that rabbit hole, but only as long as the free trial period (remember to cancel right after the game).

Here's a list that's only missing peacocktv.com


Try www.nflbite.com to watch the game.

I've been using this website for quite a while now, including when I lived overseas, and as far as I can tell there are no issues (outside of the fact that being a Chicago Bears fan is pure torture).

We have a TV, but our home is surrounded by hills and heavy tree cover so we don't get any over the air signal. Instead we borrow movies and TV shows that *we* want to watch (currently on Season 6 of The Office) from our local public library. I would rather make an annual donation to the library than pay for cable or streaming services.

I'm with you. My TV died in the middle of the 2016 Presidential campaign, and I never bothered to replace it.

Sometime tomorrow, let us know who won. And for me, let us know who played.

-- A reformed football fan :)

Mike, I had no TV when the first men landed on the moon*.

I listened to the first man walk on the moon on the radio.

*I bet your dad had a better view?

[Jack, my dad wasn't at NASA way back then. He was a Ford appointee. But I saw the moon landing on TV! --Mike]

". . . the avalanche of ads gets to be like torture to me."

Weird thing; the only ads we ever see are on PBS!

We subscribe to several streaming services, all for a total much less than we were paying for Dish TV. None of those services have ads — that's part of what we're paying for.

I remember years ago wishing there were a way to pay to get rid of commercials. And it's come true!

Except for PBS, where every show is preceded by the same ad for Viking Cruises. It can't be stopped, skipped, whatever. Fortunately, the mute button works.

"I found myself watching reruns of "Bewitched" at two o'clock in the morning."

My condolences, Fortunately we don't suffer from that here. In fact, streaming lets us watch only what we want, when we want — wonderful control.

to me the internet and youtube are the real time sinks.

[For me too, although the ads on YouTube are pouring cold water on that. The main things I am thankful for are pool and snooker matches. YouTube has made it easy to watch a lot of matches that would be inaccessible or difficult to watch otherwise. I've even started watching games like 1-ball and 3-cushion that were only hazy rumors in pre-YouTube days.

Pool aside, I actively seek out good content on YouTube. It's in there, but it's not terribly easy to find. As I've written before, my friend Al Gorithm thinks he knows me well but he really doesn't know me at all. --Mike]

Huh, what game? Is that like a sport thing?

[It is. It is a very sport thing. --Mike]

My TV died in the middle of the 2016 Presidential campaign, and I never bothered to replace it.

Died, Chuck??? Or was it murder? :)


Although I watched about half of the first half of the game, I listened to most of the second half on BBC5 radio via internet.

Video wasn't available in the U.S., just posts every so often on the "American football" site of BBC.com

The Brits did a pretty good job. A couple of ex-NFL players helped, but the minimum of exaggeration was refreshing to hear.

A look at college sports-
"Hirer Education"

I am not sure whether it was the ball or a player that did it, but during one of the 5-6 tries to get a touchdown in the last minutes of the game, one of the attempts was a pass thrown high past the endzone. I saw a lot of photographers and glass go every which way.

"UPDATE Monday"

ZZZzzzzzzzzz TBDR, or is it DCDR?

OTOH, the Superb Owl photos on the
Atlantic web were a real treat.

"A reformed football fan" (who normally posts as "Speed") here ...

I accidently hit the Super Bowl channel exactly three minutes after the game ended and learned that Cincinnati lost to some other team by three points. Or runs. Or downs. Or something.

[They lost by three wickets in the final heat. Game, set, match. --Mike]

A reformed football fan (who normally posts as "Speed") here again ...

My wife (who is a big football fan) and I enjoy watching Olympic Curling. Perhaps that is enough to remove me from the sports-luddite party.

[I feel you are a prime candidate to become a cue sports fan. Test the waters by watching a 147 clearance by O'Sullivan. --Mike]

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