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Saturday, 12 February 2022


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I would have thought that every tweet--in virtue of being a tweet--had a 60% chance or greater of being a complaint. Wasn't the internet invented to complain?

I can only assume that any news is good news with online complaining. Who makes a Twitter post about how well their camera is working? For the Ricoh GRIII to be the top serious hobby camera is a real accomplishment.

Electronics Hub doesn’t reveal exactly how many tweets were used specifically in the camera section ...

Take it with a grain of salt.
Photographers with a plethora of shooting experience are believable, not social media ninjas or an info gathering company that will not reveal their data.

[Yeah, it didn't seem very reliable to me. Taking a "snapshot" of one month doesn't seem like very good methodology either. Interest in specific cameras goes up and down. --Mike]

For the record, I didn’t take this “report “ seriously. I doubt Petapixel did either. But it made Mike laugh, which is what I hoped it would do.

Did they normalize by the number of users or total sales? If 1000 people buy camera A and 2 complain whereas if 10 people buy camera B and 1 complains, camera A still has more complaints than camera B.

Grain of salt for sure.

I think you're already enjoying your A6600. And I think it will only get more fun for you, my thinking is that you'll be able to explore some different lenses like the Sigma and the Zeiss. And I think you love using a variety of lenses.

I would be careful about teaching the machines about humanity's tendency to complain. It might hasten the termagadon.

Adding to darlene’s comments above, I wonder if the technology could also determine if the tweeter is a user or former user of that camera. There seem to be many complaints on the Internet about products from people who have never touched or actually seen those products in real life.

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics" always comes to mind when I read articles like this. Worry not, you have a fine camera.

I've been shooting with an A6600 for almost a year. It's one of the most versatile cameras I've used throughout the past 45 years. It does a great job shooting 4K video. It's a great stills camera. People who complain about the A6600 probably shouldn't have purchased one.

"Can't Win For Losing"
Geez, that sure "takes me back", as my mother would have said! My mother, never someone known for for insightful philosophy, used that expression very often when I was a tot. It's one of my most enduring memories of her. Never knew what it meant, either. But the older I got the more insightful and profound it seemed. And now here it is again!

Don't let the gang crowdsource your satisfaction with a camera, Mike. You chose the A6600 for several seemingly well-considered reasons. Now you're just beginning to saw wood with that new (to you) tool. Don't let anonymous opinions stain your experience, like learning a new girlfriend has a shady rep. Go forth and fall in, or out of, love, on your own. Saw some logs, man!


Separately, the Ricoh GR III is among the most complained-about cameras? Really? That's very hard for me to believe, as a long-time owner of one and its ancestors and new IIIx cousin.

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