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Wednesday, 05 January 2022


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Actually jobs succeeded by getting many firms (apple then the one made the even www - next computer then Apple again then Disney …) and that Elon guy helps to revolutionize space and then …

Sorry but ma I say this should be awarded instead those just …

And better to have a market based economy than the communist china which is successfully…

I am all for basic income for all and heavy tax those just sit on lands and stocks. But rewards steve and Elon is a must.

I am very happy with my M1 iMac. I've noticed, though, that the performance bottleneck is now my old Drobo. Processing times are fast but the whole thing bogs down a bit when it has to save something to a file. Something to keep in mind for those thinking of upgrading.

World's richest man?
!'d bet at the moment that picture was taken, Roald Dahl looked at those kids and truly believed he was.

He can't be reached by YOU for comment. The truly faithful have their ways. ;)


He's pining for the fjords.


M1 Macs…. oh, how I want one! The trouble is, I don’t actually need one. I have a mid-2017 24” iMac bought (in 2018) as a refurbished computer from Apple, which I found to have been significantly spec’d up by its first owner - i7 processor, 32 Gbytes (!) of memory, and a decent size SSD. The new M1 iMac gets better scores on the various benchmarks, but not by that much. So no new iMac. And I also have a 13” MacBook Pro, bought just 18 months ago, for travelling. You know, the thing we haven’t done any of since I got it. So I can’t justify even a refurbished M1 MacBook Air (£849), let alone one of the new 14” M1 Pro MacBook Pro’s - they start at £1899.

Of course that hasn’t stopped me devouring every YouTube unboxing and comparative review that ever been made about the M1 machines; and that in turn has not been good for my mental state. In all of this I’ve hardly touched my camera for months, nor have I written anything in my blogs. Not good. Must do better!

Sorry, no time for this pie in the sky nonsense- I got NFT's that need tending...

"For photographers, it makes little actual sense to pursue ultimates... but even if you do, "the best" is a very time-bound concept; soon enough it will be yesterday's news."

Yup. I wonder what the ratio of serious photographers are that started on film versus those that have only shot digital. I'm often surprised on YouTube with the number of videos asking, "Is (fill in the blank camera) still valid in 2021?", where the camera being referenced is all of 5 years old. I was shooting with a Nikon F in 2000, 40 years after it was released.

Who would tolerate the horror of having to use a 5 year old camera today?

I moved from a maxed out 2014 iMac to a M1 Mac mini (very pleased) on the theory that good monitors last a lot longer than computers - I have a bunch of iMacs extending back to the early g4 models sitting around. They all work fine but since they have no security and can’t cope with the size of files today, they are just large paperweights….

While Steve Jobs may be gone his widow Laurene Powell Jobs is using her wealth well: https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/luxury/article/3135289/how-does-laurene-powell-jobs-spend-her-us217-billion-fortune

It's market capitalization, not market capitation :)

[Thanks! Fixed now. --Mike]

And you think SJ did not get stock when he returned to Apple? I’ve got a small piece of real estate called the Brooklyn Bridge for sale if you are interested. Interest free payments just for you.

[Millions of shares, but nothing like 11%, is what Wikipedia says. --Mike]

[Reads comments ... ]

I have not personally used the M1 Macs yet, but everyone I know who has says they are crazy fast at standard Mac things. A generational jump in performance.


I got an M1 Macbook Air last year (to do taxes, since my 2009 27" iMac would not run an OS that is compatible with Turbotax/Taxcut etc). I love it, although I wouldn't want to do photography on only 'it'--because you need more screen real estate. One issue with the Air is that it really will only support one additional monitor--and I'd like either one big screen or preferably two.

The new Macbook Pros (M1 Pro/Max chip sets) are awesome--and I'm tempted (expensive tho they might be). One issue with those is that there really aren't great (semi-affordable) 4K/5K monitors to go with them. The Apple Pro HDR monitor is awesome, but eye-watering at $7K (including stand and anti-glare coating). I'd love to see a more affordable Apple monitor (say at a $1K-2K price point) to go along with either my MacBook Air or a new MacBook Pro.

And then, I'm still waiting to see what the 'big' iMac will look like. Or a bigger Mac Mini with the ability to drive a couple nice monitors.

And then finally, I really haven't done much photography in the last few years, so I wonder why I have such lust over these things... :D

So I hear you. For me, I'm going to wait until the bigger iMac is released before I make a decision.

Just musing, but how much of that fortune did Steve Jobs take with him when he died?

I do not have a Mac, let alone a M1, but I regularly watch the photo editing tutorial sessions of the English photographer, Paul Reiffer. (An excellent teacher, IMO.)

When the first M1 Mac appeared, he commented that the performance was comparable to his extremely maxed-out previous generation Mac Pro. For his own work he shoots with a 150 megapixel Phase One camera, so his comments are based upon a demanding usage scenario. Since that time Apple has released higher performance models using the M1 chip.

- Tom -

I have a 24" iMac M1, and it works really well. I can't tell the difference between Intel applications that use Rosetta, and M1 native apps. One caveat: Adobe seems to have issues with Photoshop Elements working an *any* Mac with Monterey, though I have not experienced that.

The old aphorism goes "the great is the enemy of the good." I bought an old Xeon-powered workstation-class computer that was half a dozen years old, filled it with 128 MB of its (still expensive) error-correcting RAM and an 8-TB hard disk. The even older Benq monitor I was already using stayed on until last week when a power outage took out three-quarters of the panel's backlight. I've just purchased an old low-hours 27" Eizo monitor--just new enough to supported by their current (and free) calibration software--for less than the price of a new monitor with limited gamut. The total of all this stuff doesn't approach the cost of a new Apple anything, but it chews through Photoshop pretty well. We'll see if the monitor choice turned out to be a bust.

Instead of today's mid-grade stuff, I'm trying out yesterday's pro-grade stuff for less money. I don't think my standards have increased since that stuff was new.

What do I know? I still think my Pentax 645z is the state of the art.

(Now, I just need to remember to turn that monitor off when not in use.)

My 2019 27-inch iMac with an i5 9600K processor is still working nicely. But, after three iMacs, I have decided Apple's pricing structure will force me to a Mac Mini with a third-party monitor the next time around.

Likewise, I will no longer be buying Apple's top-or-near-top-of-the-line iPhones. I currently have a very nice iPhone 13 Pro. But only because my carrier offered me a fabulous trade-in deal on my iPhone 11. I suspect a 5G iPhone SE will be next in a few years.

The point is, Apple's hardware is great and I still prefer it to Windows and Android alternatives. But the reality is the company is slowly pricing me out of the market. Maybe not even that slowly anymore.

I have an i7 MacBook Pro from 2015. I expect it to fall off of the supported list in a year or two. At that time, I will replace it with an M1 (M2, M3???). The old machine cost too much when I bought it. So will the new one.

I also have multiple Windows boxes, only one of which will run Windows 11. For those, I have been reading up on Linux.

Very happy with my M1 MacBook Air, although I don't do any photo work on it, other than bringing it along on trips to read SD cards. I enjoy the incredible responsiveness, light weight, very long battery life, decent keyboard, and no fan. All the software I use on it is native for Apple Silicon (Office, FileMaker, Zoom).

For photo work, I just bought the (presumably last) 2020 Intel 27" Retina iMac, because I need Windows 10 under a VM for Nikon Scan, Lime (music editing), and Quicken (Mac version remains a joke). It replaced a 2014 one. It's much perkier than the old one.

It's sad how little the old 27" iMac is worth wholesale, just over $300.

I also have setup one of my fleet of aged MacBooks running Snow Leopard, so I can run the last (PowerPC) version of Nikon Scan there under Rosetta. Just as an alternative.

Hi Mike, I thought I'd share a test I did on 3 MacBook Pros a couple f weeks ago. My son was getting rid of his 1 year old M1 13" to replace it with a 16" M1X. I decided that it was time to replace my 2013 MacBook Pro as it struggles with Lightroom and can barely open Premiere Pro. I did a test import and 1:1 preview of 200 RAW images from a Fuji XH1 into Lightroom. The new M1X - 3mins 35 secs. The year old M1 - 5 mins 53 secs. My 2013 model (with 16GB of RAM and SSD) 35mins 30secs! It was definitely time for the upgrade.

i switched from my Mac Pro(2013)nickname trash bin to a MacMini M1 16G connect3d to external HDs (one for the data and two which I alternate for backup) and Im very satisfied, using LRCC, PS and InDesign.

Tech guy here. Our rule of thumb for maximum performance bang for the buck is to buy "last year's 2nd best tech." With all tech, you pay a hefty premium for the absolute fastest. You can get 90% or more of the performance by purchasing the 2nd best. Take a look at this: https://browser.geekbench.com/mac-benchmarks
B&H has the newest Apple 24" M1 iMac for $2,499 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1636612-REG/apple_imac_24_m1_chip_8_core_16gb_2tb_purple.html; last year's 27" i7 iMac with Retina 5k Display is $2,299. (I didn't bother matching RAM or storage.) Now compare them on Geekbench. The M1 IS 37% faster on single-core tasks. But it is actually 8% SLOWER than the i7 on multi-core tasks, which is the benchmark we really care about for Photoshop and Lightroom and similar software.
So my advice to you is to buy last year's 2nd best...or wait until the M2 comes out, and THEN buy an M1 iMac.
Hope that's helpful!
PS: I was a phojo before I was a tech guy; the same thing works for cameras, now that they are digital. When Sony announced the Sony a7riv, there were lots of sales on the a7riii. So I...bought an a7rii. For $1,399, new in box with a bunch of stuff thrown including a Seagate 5 terabyte portable hard drive.

You are right, I would be pissed off. But you are missing on the causality. Ronald Wayne did not end up in a trailer park because he sold Apple stock too early, but despite it. He lost an opportunity, but he did not lose money on that investment. (He probably lost on many others).

If we're talking about real wealth controlled by members of the spectral realm, how about "ghost" wealth controlled by those still amongst the living?

By which I mean, maybe ask Bill Browder who the "richest man alive" is.

(His pick is also partly responsible for the early-years survival of Lomography, if you need a photographic connection!)

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