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Sunday, 02 January 2022


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It looks like he had his eye on the back of the camera and didn't even see it coming. That will teach him to chimp while the play is still on.

The video world is rapidly changing. I don't see one broadcast camera on the sidelines. what I'm seeing is consumer cameras. The cameramen are possibly local stringers.

At about 2:15 you will see a broadcast camera, on a Chapman arm (see Chapman on the seat back). The announcer can be forgiven his minor mistake. Besides only about .0001% of football fans care about photography.

Perhaps he meant "stationary photographer"....



You've probably got 18 of these comments, but it it really was hard to find anyone "chiming". Once I finally thought "Oh, chimping, that makes sense".... Wasted whole minutes but I had nothing else to do, so good job anyway.

By the way, you wrote "chiming" when I think you meant "chimping."

Looks like he was sitting still to me.

I assumed you meant chiming, as in getting your bell rung.

Can someone tell me about where in the timeline I will see this famous chimping scene? (Sorry, I don’t have the PAT-EYE-ENCE to sit through all 13 minutes….)

[Try starting at about 1:10. The link had a timestamp, and should have jumped to the relevant place. --Mike]

The cameraman literally kept his eye (and camera) on the ball (I don't think he was "chimping") and followed that so didn't see the player who ran into him. My one experience photographing ice hockey quickly taught me to look out for the puck shot (and my safety) just as much as the camera shot.

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