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Friday, 28 January 2022


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Mike: Infrared, infrared, infrared! . . . And wouldn't you love to have one exceptional example in your print collection box?

Would you by any chance be planning to offer a photo of the first stars forming a few hundred million years after the “Big Bang?”

Not directly connected to the post, but I was reminded that a few years ago I sold my Hasselblad 500 C/M to Hennrik Jokeit in Zürich - around 2014 I think. He said he wanted it primarily for infrared photography, so I decided to check back and he seems to have found quite a niche.


Not sure if he's still doing film-based IR

May I offer just a slight correction? Infrared sunlight is highly reflected off of green foliage. This is not the same as emmisive infrared - a longer wavelength, emitted by heat.

I have two IR-converted GF1 cameras, one with the standard IR filter (720nm) and one with what LifePixel calls "Super Color," (590nm).

I also have a FLIR-1 gadget that plugs into my smartphone, and is sensitive to emitted IR. It's good for really weird color effects, and can be used for DIY energy audits. This is a good time of the year to visualize where all that cold weather is making its way into your home. Resolution isn't that great.

If you are into infrared photography, you must be looking forward to what we get from the James Webb telescope.

I photographed mostly with 35mm infrared film and a 25a filter for years. Later on in around 1980 I did a series of photos in rock ‘n’ roll clubs and discos using 70 mm infrared in a Hasselblad with an infrared flash (a Rosco congo blue and a red filter taped over a vivitar 283). Then I discovered Kodak aerographic film with an “extended red” sensitivity. Amazing for portraits. I should mention that the polyester base and lack of an antihalation layer was a big part of the look. I still have all the gear but the film is gone. Pretty depressing.

I know this is an event of some seriosity for some, but would observe that there's be far less hysteria if our media center was in, say, Des Moines or Los Angeles rather than NYC. Most people would be quite safe, warm and happy if they simply sat inside and listened to music for 24 hours.

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