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Thursday, 20 January 2022


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Good job getting boosted. I had an insipid day myself, you'll feel better tomorrow.

Amazing how variable responses to the booster shot are. I had no side effects whatever. I still got hit by Omicron - just over with it now. Just a sore throat and a cough, but no worse than a mild bout of winter flu. But at the age of 74, just think how much nastier that might have been if I had not been vaccinated/boosted.

In the UK, you just have to place a request on line, and within 2-3 days you will be mailed a free pack of 7 lateral flow tests. This is one thing the authorities here have got right.

Meanwhile my leisure hours are spent sorting out 20 years' worth of mediocre travel, architectural and landscape photos taken in various parts of the world, trying to find a few true 'keepers', given that most of my photographs are essentially the same photograph composition-wise taken repeatedly in different locations.

Some people have reactions and some don't. I had to take a nap after my booster but that was the only issue I had. Had to get a root canal this week and the dental assistant said that she was out for five days as it made her so weary. No matter what it is still better than getting Covid.

Why not tell you boss that you need to take a few days off. I am sure that he will understand...

In this case, I suggest the expression 'out of it'.

I had no reaction to the first. The second I had minor body aches. But I had spent the morning wrestling with the snowblower so aches would have been normal. The tech who gave me the second asked if I'd had any reaction from the first. I told him nothing except the half-dozen backflips I did on the way out of the clinic. No reaction to the booster. The booster knocked my wife on her keister for 24 hours, She says it was worth it.

Take it easy.

I’ve had umpteen jabs over the years and never had a reaction other than maybe a little redness at the site. I had no reaction to 2 AstraZeneca jabs but after my 3rd, a Pfizer, I was very fatigued the following day which may, or may not, have been due to the vaccine.

All those reactions show your body is producing an immune response - think positive!

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