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Monday, 03 January 2022


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Eolake Stobblehouse

The first time I tried to put film on a plastic developing reel it took me upwards of 40min... I recall this because the B side of a Doors LP was playing on repeat on the record player in the outer art room of my high school (the pitch dark closet was nested inside this room) and I recall hearing Light My Fire at least three times while I was in the dark.

Later I learned the trick where you can pre-load the leader on to the reels in the light and then just ratchet the film out of the film can ... which was easier. Later still I got good enough with SS reels that it didn't matter. Then finally came digital, and I gave it up for good.

Take your time, Mike. Not that I won't miss your posts. I check everyday (even though I know you theoretically only post every other day) but I strongly feel that January, as the days slowly get longer here in the north, is a time to re-think and restart things at your own pace. So take your time and I'll try to be patient ;-)

Hardly ever got to load developing reels in an actual dark room; used a changing bag. Started almost immediately on stainless-steel reels, which I vastly prefer (among many other things -- they don't have to be absolutely dry to load, so if you do multiple batches, that helps a lot). Of course I botched up a few rolls in the very early days, even with sacrificing a roll to practice on in the light and then in the darkness, but that was quickly over with.

I have a feeling that this Mon-Wed-Fri thing doesn't quite fit the rhythm of your inspiration. Why not just post when something strikes you, or when you have put the finishing touches to something finely crafted over time?

I'm sure the frequency of posts would adjust itself to suit most of your audience, yours truly included.


We will be right here waiting when you come back. Take your time and enjoy the art of doing nothing. Just guessin'.

Dan K.

I’ll give https://blogtrottr.com/ a try as recommended by Eolake Stobblehouse though I have so far found IFTTT and the RSS feed works for new posts. We really need a way of highlighting new comments since Mike doesn’t want to make it easy for readers — a possible New Year Resolution there ;).

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