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Monday, 20 December 2021


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If interested in the eagle hunters of central Asia (not just Mongolia), I can heartily recommend the 2016 documentary "The Eagle Huntress." The scenery is obviously a star, but so is the young girl attempting to become a female eagle hunter in a male-dominated tradition.

Thanks for this!

Also new to me, Frances Benjamin Johnston:


Mike, there are times when I read your blogs and can only think "meh". Then there are those times when your writing is just excellent and I am happy that I stumbled on TOP. But this statement,"But getting too stuck in tropes can mean we blind ourselves to people and things as they really are.", is outstanding.You have definitely hit the nail on the head.

Very interesting work, indeed. Thanks for calling it out!
Also noteworthy are this year's Leica Oskar Barnack Award winners:

Ana María Arévalo Gosen


Emile Ducke.

Poor Raghubir Singh (1942-1999). Not only did he die at the age 56, almost twenty years later he was also accused by his former assistant Jaishri Abichandani of raping her. She even organized a protest outside the Metropolitan Museum when they had a career-spanning exhibition there.
Looking at the portraits of Abichandani I find the story hard to believe. But even if this is true Singh’s photographs are still Singh’s photographs. Should we stop looking at the paintings of Caravaggio because he was a murderer?

I once read a story about the first meeting between Raghubir Singh and Henri Cartier-Bresson. Singh was a great admirer of Cartier-Bresson so he wanted to show him his portfolio. After an animated acquaintance Cartier-Bresson opened it and when he saw the first page he said: ”But…that’s color!” He instantly closed the book and with disgust he pushed it back to Singh.

(I tried to verify this, but I could not find the source and have to trust my grey cells here. It must be true though, because ever since reading this I can't look at the work of the old black and white fundamentalist anymore without thinking of this story).

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