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Saturday, 18 December 2021


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Please report this to Amazon.com

[Done. I also reported it to the publisher. --Mike]

It feels that in the digital world, crude plagiarization or outright theft is extremely common. One wonders whether we need better technical means to be able enforce current laws and protect consumers or should we expect major platform owners to do more filtering. One thing is certain though: intentional misleading isn't going to disappear anytime soon.

The same scan is being run in the UK, and the book description seems to be lifted word for word from the genuine Amazon advert, even to the extent of keeping Ann Marks' name.

I've now reported this to Simon & Schuster UK, though I couldn't work out how to notify Amazon UK.

I’ve been reading the Ann Marks book since it’s release on the 7th. It’s clearly the deep investigative work that was required to resolve any background kerfuffles regarding Maier’s work. Plus, it’s written in an engaging manner that would keep even non-photo enthusiasts turning pages.

And what a slimy move by “Kenneth Rodrigues”.

Yeah, but which one will become the "Collector's Edition."

There are (were?) many other books by Kenneth Rodrigues, all the same size, with 29 pages and weighing 95.2gms. Prices varied depending on what the real book cost.

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