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Monday, 13 December 2021


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Dear Mike,
I would love to buy something using an affiliate link on your site, but the links always take me to Amazon.com. Buying there is not feasible for me, but it might be possible for you to use a link that forwards people to Amazon in their respective countries. If you find the time, maybe you could look into that possibility?
Monika from Germany

[Yes, thank you Monika, but I no longer have an Affiliate account with Amazon Germany. I got afoul of Amazon Canada during the height of the first wave of COVID, and they temporarily banned me. Several months later, all the other Amazons banned me too, in solidarity with Amazon Canada. Amazon US eventually reinstated me, but I cannot even get replies from Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. But thank you for trying, and for caring! --Mike]

There's a video interview with Q.T. Luong over at https://photopxl.com/conversation-with-qt-luong-our-national-monuments/

Thank you for the heads-up on "Our National Monuments", Geoff. Although I am not an enthusiastic fan of scenic landscape photography, per se, I certainly recognize the broader accomplishment here; Q.T. Luong has created a truly monumental survey work of some of America's most magnificent land treasures. Just contemplating the effort makes me want to hide and nap.

But, sadly, I expect his effort to become somewhat lost in the crowd of scenic photo table books created collectively and published in NatGeo-style. The book looks well-designed, and richly printed. The spreads look both lovely and informative. But the "Our National Monuments" dresses the work in a drab, referential faux-grandioseness that all but assures a future in the sale bins. A title and jacket design that explicitly invited energetic investigation and travel reference among younger people would have served this work much, much better. "Going, Going Before It's Gone: The Great America You've Never Seen".

I have followed QT's career for many years. I am the proud owner of both of his books. As an avid photographer of the west, I have only admiration for both the scale of his work and its excellence. I'll never reach his heights but he serves as a humble example of what the best really is in the world of landscape. Thanks for featuring his work and no, we're not related.

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