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Friday, 26 November 2021


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While I support not having Black Friday sales invade Thanksgiving day, closing all stores is a bit of an overreaction. For example, grocery stores should be allowed to open into the early afternoon, so that forgetful cooks can grab that emergency last secret ingredient for the meal. Plenty of time for grocery store workers to get to dinner with friends and family.

Great self-portrait. It's been several years since I've seen a picture of you and in my mind's eye you always had, shall we say, a fuller face and figure. Your dieting has clearly helped, you look very well.

[Thank you, I feel very well too.

Dieting is all relative. When I was dating Sara and walking two miles every day I got all the way down to 221 (from my peak of 273) and I was very proud of myself. I thought, if only I could stay at this weight. Then a few years ago I went on a full plant-based diet and got down to just under 200. Then last May I went off the plant-based diet (well, not completely off, but I stopped being strict) and now I have regained a lot of weight...and I'm back to 221, except that now I am ashamed of myself and consider myself fat! But that's the same weight I used to be so proud of. It's all relative. --Mike]

Any particular reason you are reversed in the pic?

[Taken in the mirror. It's a selfie. --Mike]

Oh! No more beard! And thin!

Old Mike has changed. Good thing the wit of his writings haven't changed!

Have you always had the superman curl? Or are you really Clark Kent's secret identity?

Happy Holidays ;)

[One thing I can never claim is being super! Walter Mitty maybe. --Mike]

Well, Hello Handsome!
Glad your holiday was shared with others.

That is one sublime Calvin Klein pose you've got goin' there. Well done! :-)

My first impression was that you were holding a glass of wine until I realised it was your smartphone! Cheers anyway.
About the reversed image, do you know that all selfies (with the face-camera) are also reversed? And they are not taken facing a mirror. Stupid idea.

You do realize they are trying to cast the next James Bond, don't you?

[I've been looking to prop up my income a bit. I can't do my own stunts, though. --Mike]

My android has a selfie mirror on-off slider, so they don't all do it.

I called my wife over to see your selfie. She said, He's one handsome dude.

Nice pic, Mike!

I took a moment to realise that it was you!

Well done.

Not sure that’s a selfie — the term was coined for the face camera and I’m fairly sure iPhones can be set to reverse those.
There should be a name for ‘mirror-portraits’ in which taking camera also features unlike a true selfie.

Your fire story made me smile. 20 years ago when my daughter was about 4, she interrupted me while I was on the PC.
Hannah : "Daddy can you come in the other room?"
Me (distracted) : "Hannah I'm busy"
Hannah : "Daddy!"
Me (still distracted): "What?"
Hannah : "Daddy it's an emergency. The televison is on fire"
Me : panic - and it was indeed smoking...... She's always been very sensible.

@Andrew J : Not the case here (iPhone 7). True, the face-camera produces a mirror image, presumably for mirror-like purposes, but as soon as the button is pressed, a picture shows up where left is left, right is right and texts are readable in the usual way. Clever - think of how silly a reversed Notre-Dame or Tower of London (even if only partly visible because the face of a holiday maker is blocking the other part) would look.

You’re a very dapper fellow there, Mike! And you’re a vanguard of a new fashion statement with the new-age pocket square! I see a cover shoot for Esquire and several fashion labels following suit!

I don't eat either Turkey or Ham, so I had some rice and Kosher hot dogs for Thanksgiving dinner.

This is Tink, who has a better, and more expensive, haircut than I do.

BTW it is 63 °F in my neck-of-Orange County this evening.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mike.

I taught my kids that the first word out of their mouth in an emergency is "Emergency!" It has stood us well in several near disasters over the years.

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