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Wednesday, 17 November 2021


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Funny you didnt mention the Photo connection: William Eggleston seems to appear in the video Cat Power, Lived in Bars !

[Thanks! I added this to the post. I didn't even realize because although I've heard the song dozens of times, I've never watched the video. --Mike]

As an on-topic bonus, William Eggleston is in Cat Power you linked to.

... in the Cat Power video you linked to.

Nice list. I love checking out the songs David Simon chooses for his shows. One favorite is Assume the Position by Lafayette Gilchrist that he used in The Wire and The Deuce.

I've compiled as many of these as I can find (all but a couple) into a Spotify playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7hBiXSN8lfeevZ74jFfdsa?si=fbcf17efcf524e04

I hope this works!

Last Sunday my wife rested her head on my lap while we listened to the entirety of A Grand Don’t Come for Free, which features Could Well Be In. We know the world Mike Skinner mines; the language he uses to describe it is our own. 30 years after meeting a green-eyed girl wearing a black catsuit in a dark corner of a club, she is having her hair stroked to the sound of The Streets. It's one thing to be well in, it's another thing to stay in.

…and that’s enough

Nice list, Mike! On a side note, if you have yet to listen to a rather nice little station, here in Seattle, I urge you to give it a try. I'm speaking of KEXP, FM 90.3. They are on the internet, with worldwide listeners. I know, because I've spoken to many listeners in Europe, Mexico, Japan, etc., during phone drives. I'm a huge supporter, as well as a volunteer at the station.

Internet : KEXP.ORG

Oh, Cat Power. All of The Greatest and also watching Jim White of the Dirty Three drum anything carefully, including Cat Power’s songs.

Thanks for the list. I appreciate the effort. It’s always nice to have a reason to crank the stereo. I see a few artists I like but have lost touch with and a few who are new to me and remind me of other artists. The disjointed free association that happens with new music is always interesting. The Autolux song reminded me of Elliot Smith and the Jeff Beck song reminded me of Joe Satriani’s, Always With Me Always With You for some reason. Must be their guitar hero status.

Here’s a few from the late aughts that are nice.
Bon Iver & St. Vincent – Roslyn

Feist – Sealion

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Inspiration Information

Jose Gonzalez – Cello Song

There are only a couple of songs on that whole list that I would have guessed that you would like. And I thought I knew you!

Very interesting. I knew only a few of them myself and learned a lot. Thanks.

Feeling old, indeed.

Marco Cavina just published an article on the Nikon F2, with lots of technical drawings. Mechanical engineering of days bygone, that can bring tears to your eyes.

Nico (62 in two weeks time).

p.s. The website is in Italian, but there's a 'Google Translate' tool built in.

Excepting Jeff Beck, Ray Davies and the Blind Boys, I had never heard of any of these performers. Then I realized why. In the early 1990s, I started to get interested in classical music and opera and I totally immersed myself in these genres. By the 2000s, I had stopped listening to the radio completely and also started to redevelop an interest in jazz, the seeds of which were sown in my high school days. I somehow managed to avoid a generation or two of popular music. Now THAT makes me feel old (which I am).

Ahh, thanks for relighting my musical journey. It seems the Venn diagram of our tastes have a good bit of overlap.

Finding great new stuff was actually easier in days past. WOXY 97X ("Bam, the future of Rock and Roll" was their catchphrase) was one of the original alternative stations, and broadcast out of nearby Oxford, OH. It always required a bit of antenna fiddling to pull in a good signal, but effort was well rewarded. Later, they morphed into a fantastic online presence, but just couldn't make a long term go of it.

We also had WNKU, the college station just across the river at Northern Kentucky University, which was firing on all cylinders, just as the university decided it costs too much to continue.

Kim and Kelly Deal are somewhat local, and we are occasionally treated to a revival of the personal project, The Breeders, which is always a treat.

I deeply miss the connection to a local music scene and seeing live music, particularly of the under the radar, non-Ticketmaster connected, variety.

Maverick a Strike, Finley Quaye. Specially, "Even after all".

From the same year [say 1997], that forgotten gem of "Underwater Love", by Smoke City.

My 2.56 [inflation adjusted] cents.

[I love "Even After All." Beautiful song. I'll check out "Underwater Love." Thanks for that Inaki. --Mike]

"Feeling old yet, fortysomethings?"


From seventy-something, that's funny!

"Mike Skinner...a white Englishman with a thick accent"
Hmm, thick accent? Sounded almost RP to me. Really enjoyed the track anyway.

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