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Monday, 25 October 2021


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Mike wrote, " ... most photography aficionados would be very likely to miss, since it's buried in a program about antiques."

Don't be so quick to assume ... some of us are ourselves antiques.

“Video unavailable” here. I think it’s probably this one on YouTube from a quick search:

[No, that's the initial appraisal. Interesting enough on its own, but the really good part is the later followup on the video I linked. --Mike]

This link works for me (U.K. ). The relevant bit is at 40:30 as in Mike’s link.


There seems to be several copies on YouTube but some seem just click bait for an ad and nothing else.

A little off topic, but the idea of "shrinking pains" and perhaps growing small more gracefully is interesting. Sometimes when Pentax/Ricoh announces a new product it feels like people are angry that they are managing to stay afloat with such a small, and shrinking, operation.

Within the context of a business (and that's a critical restriction of the discussion), "growing" opens up new opportunities, whereas "shrinking" frequently requires giving up assets you already have. One is the adventure of the new and adding to the team, the other is making the hard choices of who to leave behind and what to stop doing. So it seems obvious to me that growing will be much less scary at the initial step, and much more accepted. (Actually supporting significant growth and moving forward effectively is certainly hard! But it doesn't absolutely require hurtful things the way shrinking does.)

In a volunteer organization, in contrast, growth can be harder. There's more to do and at least to begin with the same set of people to do it. Or in a family, with is a case of a volunteer organization.

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