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Monday, 25 October 2021


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"And I almost always forget one thing at the supermarket, no matter how many items I'm trying to remember."

Have you considered the possibly of writing your list down? Or, if you must be high tech, having it as a text (or even audio) file on your phone?

Works for me. Well, apart from the occasions when I forget to take the list with me...

Hi again Mike. I haven't read that Oliver Sacks book, but in the weird way that the world works I am only one degree of separation from him. Part of his book "The Island of the Colorblind" details his studies of a mysterious neurological disease on Guam. Decades later I spent a few years on Guam doing research for the USGS. For most of my time there I lived in the home of a retired middle school teacher who spent most of the year in Montana and came back to Guam from January to March to visit friends and escape winter (free housing in exchange for basic maintenance and security when she was away). Anyway, when she was around one of her favorite topics was wild stories about her youth spent hanging out with interesting folks who came to the island, back when it actually was an adventure to be there... folks like Oliver Sacks.

T-shirts are MUCH easier to keep track of if there's something printed on the front!

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