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Monday, 04 October 2021


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“… in some ways I wonder if we sometimes aren't programmed to see people of much different ages as being a little like a different species, slightly alien almost, as a way of protecting ourselves.”

Yes! Thank you. I have thought exactly the same thing. “Old people” are a different kind of people, they always have been old people, and I will never be like them. (I think I’ve even written about it.) So it comes as a great shock to everybody to eventually become older themselves.

Eolake Stobblehouse

I wonder if the term "chiaroscuro" might aptly cover this sort of shadow-play counterpointing?

A bit of softness doesn’t hurt photos of this ilk, either.

I think your comments here on the lighting strategy and "the ages of Man" concept are interesting, thank you. Yes, the style of this photograph is vaguely familiar but nonetheless striking and effective. The composition is simple and excludes clutter. It also enables us to examine the subjects and their relationship without encountering that slight hindrance that eye contact with one or both usually presents.

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