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Wednesday, 29 September 2021


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If you run short of M-W-F subjects, you could always paste in an excerpt from the book. Maybe get some free editing. How can you lose?
I am used to checking here several times a day, but I can be retrained. You got this. Most importantly, have fun or it won't work. Too much angst sometimes.

Mon./Wed./Fri. only? That means on Tue./Thur./Sat. and Sun. I will have to get up from the computer and engage with my family.
Oh, the horrors!

I look forward to seeing/reading some of your long form writing. I love a good story!

Cheers! Looking forward to it!

Terrific Mike, keep typing, we will keep reading

I don't publish a blog, but I do write "composed" emails maybe twice a week to around 650 people as part of my duties as secretary to an organization. They always take more time and effort than people realize. I have to test each link. Sometimes clean up attached documents. Prepare graphics. Occasionally contact someone for additional details or verification. Then send it through the Mailchimp process, and send a test email to myself for a final read (skipping this invariably leads to problems). I always end up tired, like it's actual work, even though I'm not paid. So I understand how you need to pace yourself. I suspect the three day a week approach is a good idea, if you can get used to it.

The truth is, there are people with Substack newsletters now asking for $5 a month for much less content. Eventually, perhaps after the book is published, you might want to launch an "exclusive" essay once a week or so, just for your supporters. I prefer the idea of free access, but I also like my writers to eat and pay bills...

Here's to the next chapter in your life. ✍

Always a pleasure to read your writing.
Good work and good luck.

Looking forward to the new blog and book!


Good call Mike. Do what you have to do to keep the lights on.

If you're going to relaunch I strongly recommend a new site design. The "header and three columns" format was old in 2004, and it looks dated and silly on a modern screen width.

There are some really beautifully designed photography blogs out there - very few of whose content comes close in quality to yours. There's no reason to hide your light under such a biblically sized bushel.

Wait, Mike, what are we supposed to do on Tuesday and Thursday? Do you expect us just to work all day not checking TOP every hour?

What about the 37th frame? That’s where I first encountered you back when it was a limited circulation samizdat like publication.

Sounds good to me, as you might have guessed from my comment on your previous post. Like you, I've found TypePad's customer service to be good.

Onwards and (vertically) upwards!

The only constant is change, and we need to keep adapting in order to keep on keeping on.

All the best with the change in direction, and hope it goes well with the book.

I don’t know if it’s viable or not, would it be option to digitally publish the book a chapter at a time, once you’re a few chapters in and getting through the editing process? And then publish the whole book once done. Might help to keep a schedule going. I saw it done via Patreon, but it was for fiction. I don’t know if applicable to other genres, or if a publisher would accept it for printing if it’s already out there in the wild.

I don't think it's widely known that the publisher of that outstanding British photo-magazine "Creative Camera" was called the Coo Press because Colin Osman (founding editor) was also a racing pigeon fancier, and had worked for "Racing Pigeon Weekly".

I believe tales can be written about Colin's roguish life, too. After he died, his wife Grace put out a list of his photo-books for sale, and I grabbed quite a few, most of which turned out to be inscribed ("To Colin, love from Fay", that sort of thing...). According to Grace, the outstanding Czech photographer Marketa Luskacova was their babysitter.


There is one stylistic change I'd suggest. If you click on the top of the page it doesn't lead you to the blog but rather a 'welcome page.' For those of us who read the page regularly that is an occasional irritation.

Suggestion: publish a (very) short post at the top of the blog with a link to the newly released comments.

Good luck & has been said, keep it fun.

Yes, as steve jacobs says, clicking on the header should take you to the “Main” page not to an annoying link to it! Two steps instead of one :(.

But I’ve always like the 3 column page design, it only takes a moment to ‘stretch’ the text to fill the page. One can use the “Reader” view in Safari etc but that doesn’t show the comments.

I’m glad to hear that your still writing the book! You had been somewhat quiet about it, and I thought you might have put the book idea aside.
Frankly, I see you as similar to Bill Bryson, with your ironic sense of humor,, and careful researching. I see a few books coming from you, all related to photography. And I know you’d make them interesting, and highly readable.
If you do make revisions the your blog page, as some have suggested, please don’t make the text any smaller. That’s one of my ‘pet peeves’, dealing with small and hard to read copy!
I’ve been a reader for a long time, I think from 2007, and I’m not going anywhere. We all get old, retire at some point, or consider doing something different. I wish you well with your new schedule, as long as I get my daily dose of TOP, whether original posts, or smart, intelligent comments, I’m happy. 😁👍

I wish you well with the relaunch, Mike. But to be honest although I like your writing, as a photography blog you need a better site

I am very happy that you will continue to publish this blog. I will continue to read!

Interesting isn't it that you are more writer who writes about photography than photographer who writes about photography. Someday you might want to do a post on how that transition came about.

We are guests on this journey, not customers. I fully support Mike doing whatever needs to be done to keep the journey moving forward.

Tip for others: I have a link in my Firefox Toolbar labeled AmazonTop (https://www.amazon.com/?tag=theonlinephot-20) which keeps my purchases sending money to Mike. I would encourage you to do the same.

My wife and my sister are honored that you should choose their birthday for this auspicious relaunch. I may even inform them of their honor! :^)

[Well I certainly hope you do. I did it just for them! —Mike]

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