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Friday, 10 September 2021


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You might try one of these methods for watching US Open tennis online:


We don't have a great history of tennis players in the UK, although Sir Andy Murray has been pretty good. Emma's progress is big news over here, so I'm hoping she'll win. However, her opponent is equally as impressive. I'm sure that this will not be the last time they meet in a final over the next decade or more. Well done to both of them. Sadly it's not on free-to-air TV in the UK.

To be clear, Hingis was first seed in 1999, and Williams was 7th seed. They were indeed teenagers.

Don Craig

Go Laylah!

(I am Canadian!)

I watched the two matches last night, and these two young women seemed fearless and oh so talented. And they are both articulate and charming off the court. I am happy they are facing each other in tomorrow's final.
I have an only slightly related question: Why do so many people say "finals"? There are four quarter-finals, two semi-finals, but only ONE FINAL. Emma and Laylah are playing in the U.S. Open Final tomorrow.

As a citizen of both Britain and Canada, I will be happy as long as one or the other of them wins. 😊

This was the final I was hoping for! Emma is on a date with destiny to win ten straight matches in straight sets. Laylah of course has other intentions and will try to derail it. Hope it will be a great match.

I like women’s tennis better than Men’s. I like their speed, It looks much more elegant to me. Time zone difference makes it difficult for me to watch live, but I like them both.

Come on over and we'll fire up the big screen.
It's finally cooled off a little in ATL.

I was watching a recording of this match on the iPad last night and my wife got caught up and could not put it down (even though I had spoiled the ending). I finally fell asleep as she finished the match. I will try to watch the final live today.

Just so sad one of these brilliant, talented & charming young people has to loose.
Let’s hope either way it is a thriller

NTE now free to air in UK On Channel 4

It has been a wonderful US Open this year and the absence of Federer, Rafa and Williams has been a blessing in disguise. The women's game especially has a great future. If you aren't familiar with Laylah Fernandez you are in for a treat. She is every bit as charming as Emma. They both play a very similar game as well. Unfortunately one of them has to lose today. There is some great young talent on the men's side as well so the future of tennis looks very bright.

Watched both of these charming women and superlative players progress through since the beginning of the tournament. They've been an absolute sensation. What's striking is not only how mature and skilled they are in their abilities as players, but their maturity, poise, and composure as well.

After the bad taste left by Djokovic in his disgraceful behavior at the Olympics, both have been absolutely delightful to watch, and by contrast, a breath of fresh air.

We were able to watch it live yesterday evening (in the UK) - Channel 4, a state-owned TV channel, were able to buy rights to show the match, live, from Amazon (who had the exclusive live rights for the UK). Given the expected viewing figures, Channel 4 will have done well, even free-to-air. (The BBC had previously bought rights to show the match Sunday afternoon; not sure how many people will watch that now.)

Watching it, I was struck by several things. First was the extraordinary athleticism of both players - you don’t reach that level of performance in just a few months, or even just a few years. I don’t know enough about tennis to comment authoritively on the quality of play, but I did think that the score (6-4, 6-3) did not truly reflect what struck me as a very close match - it turned, IIRC, on just a few moments of extraordinarily play.

Second was the poise and composure of both players. To be able to handle that situation, win or lose, as teenagers!

And third was the thought that these two young women are members of the very first post-9/11 generation; they were born and have grown up in a world where 9/11 had already happened. They must have been among the very few in the Arthur Ashe stadium yesterday who had no memory of the events of that day 20 years before.

Deftness of touch. The same reason why I preferred to watch the game of squash being played by women.

Happy for Emma …. WOW!
Sorry Layla had to loose but my oh my what a match they gave us … and with such grace …whether winning or loosing ….
I am so excited about these two brightening our lives for years to come

Leyla won the crowd and Emma won the trophy (while not losing the crowd, really). Very happy for them both, and for tennis, and for having been able to follow this story. Andy Roddick is right to call the pair a gift to the game. I think Leyla was just a bit drained from a string of dramatic matches in the big stadium, or she might have made it a closer contest. Good on Amazon UK for releasing the rights for public broadcast.

Among Raducanu's improbable feats, if my info is correct: the shortest time between pro tour debut to winning a slam, in a very long time, if not ever (roughly three months, I believe).

By the way, today's women's doubles final is an intriguing battle between two teenagers (Gauff and MacNally) and two women in their 30s (Stosur and Zhang). The teens are favored to win. Unlike Raducanu, they've been playing the pro tour for years and are the slightly higher ranked team.

Glad YoutubeTV worked for someone. It's one of the pricier services, but has a killer feature with its unlimited recording space--good for people like me who can waste entire evenings looking for something to watch.

Another perk, not exclusive to YoutubeTV, is that the login credentials also unlock content on channel web sites like ESPN.com, such as previous matches from this year's Open.

I used to be an avid player of tennis and later squash, and a casual fan. When grunting and screaming with each stroke became the norm I quit listening and most watching.

This final was not only a delightful match but was notable for the absence of the orgasmic screaming now the norm in the pro game.

Maybe there is hope that those talented youngsters will ignite a new [silent, non-screaming] style of play.

Uh, last time I checked, TV prices had come down to where even you, Mike, can afford one. You are not a Luddite, Mike. And I doubt many place you on a pedestal because you don’t have a tv.

Oh, and time for another update. Novak folded like a cheap suit, and Medvedev played like a champion. Good for him. Novak, after accidentally hitting an official and being disqualified, has apparently learned nothing as he smashed his racquet. There should be point penalties for that.

Djokovic got beaten by Medvedev, so the GOAT is definitely, absolutely Dylan Allcott, who completed a single season Golden Slam (all grand slams and an olympic gold medal) yesterday.


Here in Spain we are happy to see:
1.- Rafa Nadal is still on top with Grand Slams winnings

2.- The world has discovered Carlos Alcaraz as a Young great player, after reaching quarters

3.- Spaniards have discovered Daniel Rincón, who has won the Junior Tournament.

I heard Emma answering a question in fluent Chinese. While it's not that surprising considering her background, it was wonderful to hear Chinese (presumably Mandarin?) as well as authentic South London coming out of the same person. She will be a formidable international ambassador for the game, as long as she is not overwhelmed by all the the publicity and adulation, and the pressure that comes with all of that.

It was a Canada vs Canada final. The eventual winner was born in Canada.

[Not sure you've got first dibs there bro--we'll give you Neil Young, though even Canadians will have to admit he's pretty Californian, but Emma? You'll have to stand in line behind Romania, China, and especially Great Britain. The Chinese even think she's a "Dongbei girl," quote-unquote, because they recognize her accent when she speaks Chinese. The convention in sports, tennis as well as the Olympics, is that athletes get to declare what country they're representing. It's part of the wonderfulness of her story that she's so multinational and multiracial, but the bottom line is that if she says she's playing as a Briton, then she's a Briton. :-) --Mike, who, please note, has no dog in this fight]

As others have already said, a top quality game and much closer than the scoreline suggested. I felt both competitors still have room for improvement in areas such as tactics and footwork - not a criticism, just an observation, as I'd expect that given their youth and it suggests they will be around for a long time to come as they gain experience to match their skills and athleticism.

I was less impressed by Leylah's whingeing during Emma's medical timeout when she herself had gone for a tactical "bathroom break" at the end of the first set (which wasn't even a changeover) - something really needs to be done about this cynical practice - and that blood was literally trickling down Emma's leg.

Re women's sport I find women's golf is also great to watch. We weekend hackers can relate to their game far more than the men's, as lacking the strength to just monster it round the course and smash it out of the rough they play a game much more like ours*, great technique, keeping it on the fairways. *well not mine obviously :-D

Great match but I do not think it is close. There is a reason why Emma got it.

Still, one wonder if Emma has to face the other top seeds. She only have faced one seed 4 so far. L clear the forks for her.

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