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Monday, 13 September 2021


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I'd add the Fuji X-E4 with the new 27mm lens to the Ricoh/Sony comparison. The Fuji kit, like the Sony, offers a similar package regarding image quality and small size. The Ricoh announcement of the GR IIIx initially excited me. But after a few days thought, I'll stick with the Fuji, given the ability to switch lenses and a built-in EVF. The GR's compact size is tempting, but not enough so, at least for the moment.

Neither my taste, but one has a viewfinder and one does not. Apples and pomegranates, to me.

It would be interesting to see your take on the new Ricoh. I've seen reports of it's AF being sub-par, but I also find that reviews often make comparisons to current uber-performance cameras, when some (or a lot of) users don't need the state-of-the-art in a time where most current cameras reached a point of sufficiency.

Even more interesting will be to see what camera/lens you will choose for your One-year-one-camera project and the results of it. Alongside the Ricoh and Sony, I would throw the Fujifilm X-S10 with the new 27mm WR into the mix.

About the "initial YWT", it's really wise to wait a bit before hitting the purchase button. Not only to wait for a good amount of reports on the new camera, but also to see how we feel about it upon rationalization of this "need".

Sometimes we even might be able to save money tricking ourselves: buying something for the cameras we already have to make them feel fresh (being a new lens or even a new handgrip).

In my case, I suffered from major YWT upon the announcement of the Nikon Z fc, I immediately wanted one with the tiny kit zoom. But recently I was finally able to effectively pushI away this impulse deciding to keep a Olympus E-M5 mk2 I had for sale and getting a tiny Panasonic 12-32mm, what a perfect match. I like this camera a lot, I can't understand why I wanted to sell it, maybe I will remember when I see the first Nikon Z fc in person.

One could probably find some pretty good information about lens design in one of these books.


Yes, please!

Sorry, I have changed my mind. Shall not buy the new Ricoh.

It has not got an articulated LCD monitor. I hate these full length people pictures shot from eye level. Wrong perspective.

And I am too old to bend down. Not to speak of kneeling or getting down on my tummy.

OTH I do not need a viewfinder. A good monitor is something Hassy and Rollei film shooters would have liked . . .

Hey Mike, Nikon's coming to market very soon with a compact/ pancake 40mm Z lens. It's sure to be a stunner. Pair it with a Z5 or Z6 and you've got a pretty svelte package there.

BTW, I just don't see how a tennis player, in this case Novak Djokovic, can be considered the GOAT after getting trounced in a Calendar Year Grand Slam match. That's just not something a GOAT should have on his record. Just my opinion.

I'm very surprised no-one mentioned the newly announced (same day as the GRIIIs) Olympus 20mm f/1.4. Surely this lens should be part of the comparison and moreover mounted on a smallish size camera as Olympus's are would be more fair to the Ricoh. Anyway, the GR is a concept in itself and it's not just about the lens. Bill Allen said it much better than I ever could. So please compare apples to apples if you may.

[The OM Digital Solutions 20mm f/1.4 hasn't been announced, it's just on the roadmap. All they've said is that they're working on it. --Mike]

I am really looking forward to the Sony Ricoh ‘shoot out’!
I think my GRII lens is very sharp, but you know, I would like something less wide that the ‘two’ has as regards the optics. Ninety nine percent of all my pictures using my Olympus are with either with the 25mm or 17mm f/ 1.8 primes.
Maybe, just maybe if my GR had image stabilization and a finder, it would be close to perfect.
So I’m curious and anxious to hear what you have to say! Get your buddy at B&H to send you the IIIx as soon as it comes available!!👍

The GR series cameras are their own special beast. There's a "sum of its parts" sort of air of specialness about the GR that doesn't come through on spec sheets or in pictures. It's basically a camera made to be pulled from a pocket, used one-handed, including changing settings, and quickly turned off and put away again - yet having taken an extremely sharp, well-exposed, faithful image in that short period of time. On top of that, it feels (and is) solid. I have dropped a couple of GRIII's on hard surfaces (tile, concrete) since they debuted - yes, I'm occasionally an idiot not utilizing a wrist strap - and they have survived with nothing more than faint dents in the magnesium alloy. They exude quality.

At the same time, GR cameras don't have the feel of "true" or "full-fledged" cameras in the hand. Best I can say it, they still hold onto their identity as 1990's era premium point-and-shoots. They don't feel like feature-packed, over-engineered whiz-bang computers like mirrorless cameras in this day and age do. They feel stripped-down and focused. That, I think, is why some people (myself included) adore them, and others really do not get on with them: they have a specific method of working, and if you don't gel with it, tough luck. They will not adapt to you, you adapt to them (or "click" with them from the get-go).

"And while the cameras are different, their results are potentially very close."

Which results? Test shots, or actual shots out in the world?

To paraphrase an old saw, "The best camera is the one that allows you to see the subject."

Comment after comment raises the lack of an EVF; you don't seem to notice.

Another contender for 40 mm FoV in compact form is/was the Panny GM1 with 20/1.7 lens. I loved this camera, for a while. Then, after too many instances when I simply couldn't see the LCD image in direct sunlight, I succumbed to the GM5, with its tiny, but fully functional, EVF.

After a few years of sitting in a drawer, I realized I was never going to use the GM1 again, and sold it on.

============ WHOA! ======================

Did I miss something? I thought the GR IIIx discussion was about compact quality? Knowing nothing about APS-C bodies and lenses since leaving the Canon 60D nine years ago, I assumed this "Sigma 30mm" was a small lens.

Holy Smokes! The lens alone is twice the size and as heavy as the whole GR IIIx! Check 'em out on Camerasize.

How are these things to compare? What would a shoot-out between them even mean?

Confuse A. Moose

[The 30mm goes on the Sony A6600. The 40mm-e on the GR IIIx is just as small as the old 28mm-e and retracts into the camera body.

Re the Ricoh's lack of a VF, my phone doesn't have a viewfinder either. The GR IIIX would replace my phone, not a full-featured ILC. --Mike]

Just a note about that Sigma 45 -- Sony E-mount adapters to Nikon Z are widely available, and apparently keep full electronic integration. I don't know that from personal experience, though. Maybe somebody here does?

''my phone doesn't have a viewfinder either.''


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