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Sunday, 26 September 2021


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On the peaches: Try putting some in a paper bag that you fold closed. I understand that peaches release ethylene as they ripen, which hastens the process. The paper bag traps the gasses without letting too much moisture build up.

Enjoy those peaches!

When I lived in Phoenix, we waited in anticipation for the Oregon late season peaches to roll into town. A coworker would get cases of them off a truck and bring them in to work for us to purchase. These peaches were a revelation compared to what I could get at the local grocery store. As Kramer once said about Oregon peaches, “they make your taste buds come alive. It’s like having a circus in your mouth.” I would imagine that anything fresh from the tree puts a grocery store peach to shame though.

A quick web search tells me that a nursery in Kalamazoo (Oikos) that has named one of their peaches the Mackinaw after the Seinfeld episode.

Back in June, you asked the question, "Who wears a watch (these days)." I was one of the many who replied in the affirmative, stating that I felt so naked without a watch that I keep one in the car, just in case that I leave the house in a hurry and don't don one.

One function for me, being socially shy is the watch as a prop. I get anxious being around new people, and me being a loner, everyone is a new person. The watch allows me to do something other than make eye contact...sorry, gotta check the time. Many times I couldn't tell you the time for a million bucks after glancing at the watch. It is a social tick to escape interaction.

I don't know if the watch staves off anxiety for me, but the lack of one sure brings it on.

I recently got a little digital watch with a pedometer function. Didn't care for it. Didn't count correctly and the battery ran dead fast. So I have coming from Amazon a mechanical pedometer to clip on my belt and a nice analog quartz watch that caught my eye ( https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07THKJ4K6?ref=ppx_pt2_dt_b_prod_image )

I may have been subtly influenced by your watch talking of late... ;)

I had a perfect peach once, Mike, and it was quite close to you. It was from a stand on some back road, somewhere between Geneva and Penn Yan (closer to the latter). Like the mystical lady of the lake, I never found that stand again. But oh my god that peach.

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