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Tuesday, 07 September 2021


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I didn't miss it. I liked every picture, and their background stories. I'm glad you did the selection, not me. That must have been excruciating.

[Very! --Mike]

Posted Saturday? or was it Friday?

[Sorry, late Friday for Saturday. Fixed now. Thanks! --Mike]

I viewed it twice. Is that enough?

Anyway, perhaps like me, many are more interested in your discussion and analysis of the dozen, or of any of the other submissions. That, after all, is where you contribute, and the reason we are here.

Also, I’m curious how you know how many views, when your blog doesn’t require us to click into your posts to read them in their entirety. We can just stay at the headline level (https://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/blog_index.html) and read post after post in their entirety. You can’t possibly know how many people have read or seen it.


[Well, not exactly, but I get a graph of pageviews, and the low point for the past 30 days is last Saturday. That's coarse information, true, but it's indicative. --Mike]

Don't worry, it just shows how well you have trained your readership - I don't look for TOP posts on your weekends...

Two data points: I was saving the post for when I could give it the attention your effort deserved. And I spent the start of the holiday weekend out with my telescope photographing Jupiter, which led to post-processing for hours.

I keep waiting for Leica to make an all mechanical advance for their digital bodies, so the battery lasts forever by only being used to write the file, not working the mechanics of resetting the shutter. If they do, then I'll buy one! (Though probably will wait until they come down in price on the used market, knowing me!)

I can't get excited about any digital p/s without a viewfinder. I'll stick with my Fuji X100T.

Loved it - looked at it a couple of times.
Unfortunately, only on the small screen (phone).
Keen to go back again and look at on a big screen.
Maybe it’ll be a slow burner re views.
Keep bumping it up - and I’m keen to see the other planned posts that come off it.

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