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Friday, 03 September 2021


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I cannot remember any of your blog posts I enjoyed more. These are simply wonderful.

What a great BD. I like them all. Normally I’m a little indifferent to the accompanying text but in this case it really enhances the pictures.

Great selection Mike! These things are always hard to do. If we had 5 people putting together their selections we would see five different sets. All good and all different.


[Yes, that's right. --Mike]

With all sincere respect for the people involved and in appreciation of the very beautiful, heartwarming pictures ..., but I find them very, very bourgeois, very ideal world, very idealizing ....
But in this accumulation, does it do justice to the "concept of grandchildren"?
Is this how the majority of people live?
I really do not want to be unfair and of course these images are to be seen in the context of the living conditions of the readers of TOP, which of course is perfectly fine.
But I would have liked that perhaps those readers who travel to other countries, cultures could have contributed complementary images to show the human dimension of the grandchildren experience beyond the well-to-do middle class.

A very charming collection. Well done everyone!

Well, all I can say is that this BD is an absolute delight. Thanks for coming up with he topic and for the great job you did in editing the set. It's a joy to behold.

What a great collection! There isn't a single photo in that set that I wouldn't be happy to have been involved with, and there are a couple that just take my breath away (exactly which ones—well, there's some variation over time, though a couple of them always do). And besides picking "bests" is a mug's game.

I expected some great photos, of course; would have been disappointed if this crew hadn't come through.

You wanna try a crazy high-risk experiment some year? Actually invite a second person to go through the same submissions and pick their own Baker's Dozen! Do it quietly so if they get brain-lock and can't finish nobody gets publicly embarrassed (not them, not you). (For openness you might want to mention that as a possibility before people submit photos; they might care that somebody other than you would be expressing an opinion on them. I don't think it would stop anybody, but avoiding surprising people with that sort of thing is good.)

This is a wonderful set of pictures. The last, though, is completely unexpected and great. Thanks to William Schneider for sending it and to you for choosing it. Superb.

What an amazing, moving collection of pictures. Thanks to all of you who sent these wonderful shots.

In now in the mid 50s, have 4 kids (or rather, now adults) and pictures of both sons and grandfather are close to me for obvious reasons. It is true that, as some of you have written above, these pictures become real treasures with the years. Let's try to enjoy the times when we can still make these pictures of our loved ones, and also the memories of these times.

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