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Friday, 20 August 2021


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I’ve got to be honest: Covid and lockdown and young kids just sapped all of my will to get out into the world and take pictures. Frankly, it was nearly all I could do to commemorate special occasions at home with the kids. But recently my drive has reawakened.

So I’d love to celebrate Henri (Cartier-Bresson) by heading into the streets of New York on Street Photography Day.

Unfortunately, (Tropical Storm/Hurricane) Henri is scheduled to visit the streets of New York on Street Photography Day. So I’ll likely be doing all I can to grab a candid pic of the kids at play. Very much indoors.

I can’t find any proof, and I know these things are named in alphabetical order; but I can only imagine someone, somewhere, had the opportunity to choose an “H” name and went for broke.

A thought for a topic. As it is street photography day, why not have a discussion on what makes a good street camera? Generally I dont think most digital cameras are well designed for streetwork.

Oh Dear. Around here, Street Photography Day coincides with the landfall of hurricane Henri. No doubt there would be interesting pictures during the storm, but personal safety suggests I stay inside this year.

Ooo miss it. Just take one picture in the street as I found the menu a bit too big and found it interesting. No people. No story. Just menu … https://flic.kr/p/2mizpDK Perhaps next year.

Does anyone else see the irony of Hurricane Henri on Henri's birthday? C'mon, surely most of you do.

"There's also a Facebook page."

Facebook: The restroom stall with a door that won't stay shut. The day that I cancelled my FB account (a real adventure) was a happy one.

I didn't get into town. I was going to take a portrait of my wife reading The Mind’s Eye, but then I remembered Bresson wasn't interested in staged photographs—much to wife’s relief.

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