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Friday, 06 August 2021


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What a wonderful series of photographs-especially the ones of the cabinetry workshop. The subjects are craftsmen who are clearly proud of their skills. Shorpy-worthy, every one of them!

What I enjoy most when looking at historical family/humanistic photos is when the familiar dog or cat enters the scene and brings me back to reality. Pets never seem to change throughout the centuries.

Wow! That's quite the find- the school teacher and seated man with a cane could fit in rather well amongst August Sander's crew! Love having a print of the bicycle duo with the crowd in the background.

No exact dates on individual photos (which seems consistent with how they reached us), but note that in the 12th shot a man working in a wood shop is wearing a sweater with words on it. Top word is clearly "FRANCAIS", France. Bottom word might be "DUNLOP", which was one of the very early brands of tire. I hadn't thought advertising clothing went back quite that far.

I do like modern scans and prints of old negatives; I like them a lot more than old prints, often, I guess mostly because our materials and tools are so much better.

Probably the greatest gift that photography has given us is that it is the nearest thing to a time machine. Fascinating pictures. Thank you for finding them.

David spotted Dunlop on a sweater. The pneumatic tyre was invented by Robert Thomson. However John Dunlop independently invented it in 1888 unaware of Thomson's patent and made the first practical tyres. Both were Scotsmen.

re David Dyer-Bennet comment

That jumper looks like a home knit. Dunlop is a surname as well as a brand name. Common in Ireland, Maybe his wife/mother/sister knitted it for him. Home knits were common in my young days. As a child I loathed wearing them as I thought them a sign of poverty

'La Française' was a cycling team which competed between 1901 and 1955. They had sponsors and were 'La Française-Dunlop' in 1928, 1934-1935, 1937, 1944, 1946-1947, 1949. Some other years they were 'La Française-Diamant-Dunlop', (start in 1924) but therefore suspect this jersey must date from no earlier than the 1928 season, though could of course not be new so perhaps any year after that. Is possible (perhaps likely) that there were jerseys made earlier even though that was not team name, as many other photos look earlier.

Fascinating pictures! I spent some time with them this morning, looking at all of them several times over. In some cases, the people depicted looked quite odd. I would love to know the relationships. Only one picture set me back a bit, and that the one that illustrated your post Mike. The little person, child? Perhaps a dwarf? The dress? Strange! And the look in the eyes, a bit unnerving, perhaps haunted. Am I seeing more then what’s there?
One hopes this person was well treated.

Boy-o-boy, those photos just scream for some hand coloring.

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