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Thursday, 05 August 2021


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And what does the front look like?

[You can see the front and other photos of the watch by following the link that says "one of these." --Mike]

Have the motto inscribed on one of your many other watches, or or on the back of your phone? Rather more cheaply (and removable) on your phone screen :-). Or get a tattoo … :-(.

May the light be with you. What else would you expect me to say?

It's funny to think of Yoda having a signature. I wonder if he had a driver's licence and a credit card, too.

What's the salary of a Jedi Master, anyway?

What a coincidence. I have been looking at a watch over and over today trying to justify it or better yet, convince myself that it would be stupid to spend 300 bucks (6 times the cost of my Casio) on another watch.

This came up in my newsfeeds today. How do they know what I like?


Better: Engrave it into the top plate of a camera.

Kinda reminds me of my all-time favorite one-liner...

"Think you can, think you can't, either way you'll be right."
Henry Ford.

Yoda got it right. "Trying" is just a cop-ought for not accomplishing anything.

Looks like Citizen got licensing rights to produce Star Wars merchandise. I stumbled across these last night.



It’s tempting. They tick a lot of boxes for me:
- solar powered
- ana-digi, for set & forget day / date - the rest is irrelevant to me
- smaller size for my small wrist
- while the orange colour is a bit garish, it’s fine in context
- I’ll probably need my glasses to read the face
- they’re not 10 BAR WR.

My search for a general day-to-day watch continues, in a galaxy not quite so far away ;~)

Almost forgot...


One of my favorite sayings…

As an elementary teacher (5/6 grades), with particular students especially, when they’d tell me they were going to “try” to improve their behavior, I’d instruct them to “try” to pick up a pencil. They’d get a smug look on their face and easily pick it up. “No. I said ‘try’ to pick it up.” They’d look a little quizzical, and pick it up again. “Remember, I said ‘try.’ You’re picking it up. Those weren’t my directions. ‘Try’ again…” Then they’d just look frustrated and glare at me. “What’s the problem?” I asked. “I don’t know what you mean by ‘try’!” “Yes. Exactly. There is no try. When you say you’re going to try to improve your behavior, I don’t know what you mean either. You’re either going to do it, or not do it. There is no try…” and then leave them to ponder that.

Seeing only the first Star Wars is fine, all the rest is ret-con.

"There is no try"?

Tell that to the judge...

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