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Tuesday, 03 August 2021


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That's one helluva snappy plaid jacket...


Hey, it was the 'seventies. --Mike]

I hope one day your son graces your life with some grandchildren, they'll bring more pleasure than you imagine. I know mine do. I look forward to seeing your picks for this contest!

What a wholesome-looking young fellow! Bet you could write a story about what happened to him.

Do they have to be my grandkids? I have none of those yet (and for the foreseeable future, I hope).

On the other hand, I have plenty of pictures of my father's grandkids...

[Yeah, no. Grandkids, not kids. But if you put your kid with your parent, then you're in-bounds again, right? --Mike]

It’s interesting to look at this photo and the one from an earlier post which shows that your son is now older than you were at one time. Bound to happen, in most cases…but putting them side by side sort of futzes with the space-time continuum.

I notice the sample photo on the cover of "Photographs Not Taken" is 4x5" film.

Bigger IS better !!

I didn't know grandchildren had a singular. Four child families were the norm in my parents' and grandparents' generation, so an Easter family gathering with two or more or the grand-generation taking part could easily pass 32 grandkids. We used to form a big circle. Then aunts and uncles would be led into the middle, one at a time, see how many of us they could name.

When I married an Israeli, I entered a different world. Daphna's mother, Shoshana, her uncle Max, and both grandparents survived the war, hiding in a basement in Bratislava during the final 18 months, and came to Israel as refugees. Our generation consists of three families, one secular, one observant, and one ultra-orthodox. The first two families have contributed four grandchildren, the last eleven, so the first two stages of the tree has still only 15 grandchildren. But if you add in the GREAT-grandchildren (as in the picture that I will send you), there were more than 30 at Shosh's 80th birthday, back in 2015. Today I think the total is approaching 50. And she plays a role in the lives of all of the 50.

There is an expression in Hebrew for secular children who choose the ultra-orthodox life, like my in-laws. It's "returning to the answer." The reverse move is known as "returning to the questions." And she has supported and sometimes housed grandchildren making the move in both directions.

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