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Thursday, 26 August 2021


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So sorry about Lulu. Our beloved pets pull at our heartstrings so profoundly. I guess it's the unqualified and unconditional love they give us that makes the bond so strong. May she play happily and eat her favorite things in the hereafter.

Not unexpected, but sad to hear about Lulu and thanks for telling us.

Condolences... and best of wishes to what remains, and what will come.

Our condolences (Chris's & mine) on Lulu's death. That was a very lucky dog.

As a child the ultimate summer desert was a wedge of cantaloupe with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Normally we got one or the other, not both at once.

I'm sure that today's cantaloupe is sweeter and the ice cream we buy is creamier and more flavorable* but it couldn't possibly be as good as what I remember from those days long ago.

* Flavorable is not be a word but it should be.

So sorry to hear about Lulu. Don’t remember a time reading TOP that I haven’t periodically come across a mention of her (and I got a brief glimpse of her when I visited).

My condolences.

Sorry to hear about Lulu.
BTW, you need to be letting Kramer know about the Mennonite with the melons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huwBbFhO0x4&ab_channel=KahitAnoLang

Ah, local cantaloupe. In the Duluth MN area they only appear, it seems, one week a year and it was last week. I bought one, loved it, then returned to the coop for another and they had sold out of the locals and were back to the inferior shipped variety. When I was young and we lived in the Central Valley of CA, my parents were allowed to "glean" the ripe cantaloupes from a local farm (cantaloupe had to be picked a little under-ripe to ship). So we gorged on them.

Sorry to hear about Lulu, but good to hear it went well. Our old border collie has bad eyes, bad ears, and a bad knee. It won't be long for her either. I'm at the stage where to get her to eat well I cut up a little steak, cook it, throw in some water to make a broth, and mix it in with her kibble.

Mike, I am very sorry to hear about Lulu. I hope you can draw some solace from the fact that it went as well as you could have hoped for.

There are a lot of pet owners out there who know exactly what you’re going through. I wish you well.

Ok. Don't tease us. How do you pick a good cantaloupe? In detail, please.

Mike, I'm so sorry to hear about Lulu. My condolences.

I live in Florida where the humidity is off the charts for half the year and therefore air conditioning is as necessary as oxygen. Many is the times that my cameras fogged up when going from indoors to outside.

I have a box, 8" X 8" X 12" that I put my camera and uncapped lens into with a blow dryer inserted into an opening. I "soak" the camera and lens in warm air for several minutes to get the temperature high enough to preclude condensation.

If I drive any distance at all in my air conditioned car, I set the dash board vents to blow hot air for a couple of minutes after arriving at my photo destination, holding the camera against the airflow.

Humidity is bad because the fogging you don't see can be causing internal issues when electrical current meets moisture.

Very sorry to hear that you've lost Lulu.

Sorry for your loss Mike I know how much Lulu meant to you after reading about her all the years I've been reading TOP you are to be commended for the care and attention you gave her in the last few years of her life and I know you have many happy memories of the times you spent with her to cherish.

I’m sorry for the löss of your dog Lulu. As a dogowner I know it can be a hard time. Wishing you all the best.

Condolences about Lulu, Mike. Our cat, Fantine, is reaching a point where we need to start having conversations about quality of life with our vet. So I very much feel your pain and will miss Lulu's appearances in the words and photos of TOP.


Sorry sorry to hear of LuLu's passing. I feel for your loss. I am sure Butters will miss Lulu too. I know that is hard to lose a great friend and companion.

So sorry about Lulu. There's not much else to be said. It'll take a while but you'll get over it. Hang in there.


Thanks for sharing that Lulu has died. I think most of us who know about her life can empathize with you. If Butters could talk, he would have much to share what grieving also means to a dog.

Dan K.

I know it was Lulu's time, and how hard it must have been for her in the last while. And you. And yet; my condolences.


Sorry for the loss of Lulu, but as you said--she had a good life and a good death. Deep down, I think that's what we all hope for in the end.

Thinking of you...

So sorry to read about Lulu. My condolences.

I'm sorry about Lulu, sad to know. I have a dog that is not doing well too.

Mike, sorry to hear about Lulu, time is a great healer. You will have great memories of her, they never really leave you.
In January 2012 we lost Charlie a toy poodle and vowed no more dogs, well that lasted till August of that year and Lottie a Rottie/staff cross rescue dog arrived , so you never know.
Take care regards

I'm very sorry to hear of Lulu's passing. I empathize with you about how empty a house can become. Several months after our last dog passed my wife and I became foster "pawrents" for a succession of shelter dogs whose sporadic presence alleviated the emptiness in our home.

Condolences on your loss of Lulu.


Thanks for telling us about Lulu. It was good to know she wasn't in any distress at the end.

Best wishes

So sorry about Lulu. Dogs rank pretty much equal with humans in my house and every one I lose to old age breaks my heart.

Sorry to hear about Lulu. To me, it's often harder than losing a close relative because we live with them, care for them daily. Be well.

Thank you for telling us about Lulu. These are hard losses.

My deepest condolences for your loss of Lulu.

I've been through this a number of times with my cats, and personally, it's always been emotionally devastating.

What I've found that helps is to remember and treasure the days you had together.

Sorry about Lulu.

Sorry about Lulu. I met her once, although to be honest it was Butters who made the bigger impression! I remember my father many years ago going through the same decision as you have; he found it very hard.

Fogged lenses: what you describe is common anywhere that has air-conditioned shopping malls and homes, and outside air that's hot and humid. Our daughter lives in Mississippi, and based on her descriptions of summer conditions there, I wold expect the same problem to be fairly common in the southern states of the US. I'm familiar with the phenomenon from trips to SE Asia - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

Feel for you Mike. Losing Lulu after a long partnership. Not easy.

Re the Seiko, I switched to solar (and radio sync'd) a few years ago and never looked back.

Very sad about Lulu. Dog of my childhood died ten years ago I still think of him every day but thoughts are less sad eventually. I wish I could have another dog but is not practical (nomad scientist).

So interesting thing about quartz watches: watches will often keep better time if you wear them. Reason for this is that frequency of quartz is mildly temperature-dependant. Before atomic clocks became really cheap (or if you don't need one, GPS is good enough) people used 'ovened' quartz clocks: ovened clock is one kept in an oven controlled by good thermostat (is useful that it is a fair bit above ambient so that you never need refrigeration even accounting for heat dissipation from clock, so perhaps at 40C or so). Well, your wrist is maintained at quite a stable temperature and the metal of the watch is a good conductor of heat, so this keeps the crystal at a quite stable temperature.

(Of course by 'keep better time' I mostly mean the scientific definition: its rate will not vary much. May be it will gain a second every day but it will gain exactly one second every day. For a scientist this is a perfect watch ... not so much for ordinary use perhaps.)


We have enjoyed all your tales about Lulu over the years.
Thank you.

Our Pugs are rescues. The pair were found wandering and mostly starved on a rural road well south of us. The theory is that they were ditched by a puppy mill after the female was no longer “productive”. When the time comes to let them pass we will take some comfort in the knowledge that they had several years in a good home where the only expectation was that they enjoy their many naps.

You gave Lulu a wonderful life unlike the life far too many animals suffer through. Thank you for being all the things Lulu needed to be a happy dog.

Dear Mike
I'm sorry about Lulu.

Take care

Sorry to hear about Lulu,Mike. It breaks your heart, I know.

Sorry about Lulu Mike. It has been a rough year for you.


I'm sorry to hear about Lulu's passing.

It's always tough to lose a good dog. (We never had cats, for a myriad of reasons.)

It sounds like it was the right time -- not too soon and not too late. On her terms, to put it another way.

It's a great loss, but at least Butters will be around. Eventually the good memories will overcome the grief.

Take care.

After checking www.time.gov, the following results were found:

My SUR311 ( https://seikousa.com/products/sur311 ) is three seconds ahead.

The SSC715 ( https://seikousa.com/products/ssc715?_pos=7&_sid=b24074057&_ss=r ) is one second ahead.

The SNE039 like your watch, except for a black dial, ( https://seikousa.com/products/sne039 ) is still on time.

Not too shabby for a month's worth of timekeeping.

* Oddly (or maybe not), the non-solar watch is the least accurate so far.

So sorry to hear about Lulu, Mike. I've never met either of you, but I feel genuine sorrow to know she won't be keeping you company anymore. I'm thankful you were able to share each other's lives for as long as you did. A good life well lived is worth celebrating!

My sincerest condolences, Mike. You and Lulu were lucky to have each other. I've always enjoyed your posts about her and Butters, and still remember when you first got Lulu. Speaking of which, I imagine not many of us write about our pets, but I suspect your writings will serve as a nice set of memories that you can return to when you're feeling like you need a little "Lulu time." Hmm, now that I'm thinking about it, I'd love to see "Dogs" or "Pets" as a category in the sidebar.

Take care.

May peace be with you and Lulu’s loved ones. She lived a good life and knew she was loved. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Mike, with all that time you spent in DC, did you never eat an Eastern Shore cantaloupe? I've lived many places, but no place grows melons like the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Still recall buying one in the 80s from a roadside stand. The thing was as big as a basketball. No joke. The seed pod was only the size of my fist. Took me a week on concerted effort to eat it! Wonderful.

Sorry to hear about Lulu. A good dog is missed.

So sorry to hear about Lulu. My condolences. That is a very painful thing to go through - especially when they are like one of your children. You gave her a great life, and in return - she gave you a great 15+ years. Sorry for your loss.

I second what Derek stated above: “ I'd love to see "Dogs" or "Pets" as a category in the sidebar.”

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