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Wednesday, 18 August 2021


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Isn't that a way of dealing with life in general?

Why start this process of mindful daily habits and socialization only in "old age?" I've been swimming nearly every morning (six days a week) with a dedicated group of masters swimmers now for nearly 30 years. That means I got back into the habit of swimming with a daily purpose back when I was 35. We meet after workout for coffee on Saturdays. Have had back yard get togethers during Covid and have kept up with each other and checked in with those who went missing early on. These habits are stronger the earlier you start with them. And the support from friends with 10,20 and 30 years of history is strong and amazing. This should not be a strategy for "old age" but a practice for continually living a full and happy life.

[As I stated, "This might seem as obvious as sunshine to some of you...." --Mike]

To each his/her own. Personally, I'd have to be sentenced by a judge to attend a regular event like a camera club, hiking club, etc. And even then I'd seriously consider prison as a viable alternative. But I'm not really a very social person and such forced interactions would certainly shorten my life (or lead to joining a federal relocation program). To twist the lyrics from an old Streisand tune people who need people are in deep poo during a pandemic.

Still, I do understand the value of such skin time for most people. All the pop research tells us this is true. Still, I'm glad to see this entry in your personal journal, Mike. Too bad you don't make any pictures during your pool matches.

I think mixing up with younger people does a lot of good in energizing me and giving me fresh ideas of what to do with life.

Mike, you wrote “ I am a Book Depository affiliate”. But it’s not in your list at “Purchases through TOP”!

[That's because there's no general link. I have to build links to each specific book. --Mike]

The socially anxious person will find this advice familiar and understand the benefits, even long for them, but they are checked by their trait. Try to encourage such a person by offering them a one on one encounter to begin with. Even if the encounters remain that way, it could make a real difference to their lives

Thank you Mike!
Bought from Book Depository :-)


Kenneth Tanaka said it much better than I could have had.
Though I am not so sure about the prison-equation, but I assume it was a poetic liberty from his part :)

How would I ever get anything done? I have nothing like that level of energy! Doing more than 1 or 2 things in a day tends to kill any energy for any other activities.

Even back in my energetic 20s I don't think I had scheduled things more than a couple a week; and most of the important things were one-shot, not repeating.

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