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Tuesday, 13 July 2021


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Well, okay, as long as you show us one or two portraits of Zander with your "real" camera. And while you're at it, see how he feels about watches.


In person visits with my two sons, wife & girlfriend have been a big highlight of our lives recently.


I haven't seen my son in ages either. Enjoy!!

"Note Ziggy's cool bling..."

Of course, all dogs are. BTW, spell check, the last letter should be a "d", not a "g" 😀

Enjoy your family time!

Tried that captain’s stare pose on a couple of rock and rollers back when I was doing that sort of thing and the consensus was that they looked stoned out of their gourds.

Just did the same with my daughter and her boyfriend the end of May. It had been so long!

Took pictures of them with my Grandfather's No. 2A Folding Pocket Hawkeye camera with an old-stock roll of Verichrome Pan 616. Not my best 116/616 camera, has a plain meniscus lens, but a family artifact.

That's great Mike. I know exactly how you feel. I live in China and haven't seen my eldest daughter since January 2020, as she was born in Ireland and there are no tourist visas being issued for China. If I left to see her I would not be ale to return to Shanghai where the rest of my family and my business are. It has been heart breaking and I'm not sure when I'm going to see her again. Enjoy your time together.

Have a wonderful visit Mike . Best wishes for all of you.

Enjoy your visit, good times will be had by one and all, dogs included. I had a parakeet named ziggy when I was a teenager which used to eat mashed potatoes from my dinner plate and drink ginger ale from my glass. I know not one of your readers gives a hoot about that but your post did jog my memory. We lived in apartments for most of my teenage and early adult life so dogs as pets were not an option. We are dog owners for many years and they are definitely family.


Kids and grand kids trump (no reference intended - desire feelings to the contrary). Enjoy for as much time as you need! There is simply nothing better in all of life.

Enjoy! Best wishes for this precious time together.

So happy for you all! That’s a good looking doggie. My son is on the west coast now and I miss him terribly. Enjoy yourself, Mike.

Grown children are such a source of joy!
Enjoy your vacation filled with laughter and dogs.
Sounds like fun

Know the feeling. My 86 year old father in law took a tumble and broke his collarbone. But he is in Canada with us in the US so only on July 5th did the rules change so that fully vaccinated could enter, but with a long complicated list of requirements. The missus could go but I’m still waiting for my renewed passport to come back. But at least she is up there to give him and his 88 year old wife a hand.
We’re keeping up with the family on zoom and FaceTime but that just ain’t the same.

Why “selfish”?
It’s actually altruistic: giving Xander and Alyssa they time and attention THEY deserve, especially after such an insanely long (by my European standards) drive. They sure are more important that the cosseted readers you give so much of your time to during the rest of the year!
Enjoy your precious moments together.

Got the feeling.

Wife to Uk and she is about 18 months for not seeing our boys and her parents. Well if I can leave hk it would be xmas time and that will be 2 years!

Do messenger video from time to time, but it is a big difference.

Definitely deserve a break. All the best.

Nothing is better, or more important than time with family.
Enjoy it.

I'm sure it will be, it is a great time for you all!

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