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Sunday, 27 June 2021


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I know from a few years ago that you don't favour the approach, but I think user registration might be the way to go. It's obvious that if popularity goes up, the site cannot scale to accomodate it. Which makes it a bit self-defeating if you asume that popularity is what drives your business model. Because it is a business, right? Not a hobby.

From a personal point of view I have to admit that comment lag definitely affects my interest in the site. Not sure what others think

Thanks. Now every time I turn on my phone I get a watch ad

Mike's last sentence...
"Take pictures of your loved ones, and get pictures of yourself with them."

TRULY some of the best advice you have posted!

...and get pictures of yourself with them.

Golden advice sir.

Richard John Tugwell speaks my mind.

" get pictures of yourself with them." I have far too few of those. Plenty of my kids but I really need to get in front of the camera more!

I think rather than use registration and immediately post messages, you need help! To me your general model is proven, all except for the “one employee” problem. Your whole blog feels published, including comments, which is what makes it unique.

Richard John Tugwell‘s suggestion is a good one. The Comments are an important part of the attraction of your site. A registration model would reduce the workload vastly. I don’t know if the software allows it but ideally it should still allow posting as a guest after approval, as now.

The other problem with the present Comments updating is that there is no searchable break between the old and new comments when you post a fresh batch. Also there is no way for readers to know that you have updated the comments other than by checking the site. Since notification of new posts can be received by IFTT and RSS etc I guess it may be possible to ‘refresh’ the post in some way so that a notification can be received automatically. There is no way that readers can do this as far as I can see.

On getting behind a bit..., Print Crit & Bakers Dozen?

I wrote a comment about the use of the word "hunger". This in response to a remark you made why not to use this word. There was even a quote of someone, meaning if you use it often you don't know the meaning of it. But far better put, than in my memory.
I searched for the page, which was recent one, but couldn't find it. Did you delete a blog?

[It was published Gerard. Here it is:



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