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Wednesday, 02 June 2021


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When we had dogs, tennis balls were their best toy -- inexpensive, too big to be a choking hazard and a great chew. Of course, they were terrific for their primary job -- playing fetch.

A dog down the street keeps his master occupied hitting a tennis ball across the front yard with a hockey stick. The master is the one with the hockey stick.

Regular tennis balls are not recommended for dogs (ask your vet). They are too abrasive on their teeth. Get dog-safe ones at you pet store.


I don't know how picky dogs are about these things, but the cheap pressureless tennis balls used for teaching are designed for durability rather than niceties like regulation weight and bounce, with thicker walls and tougher felt.

[Check. The brand I used (by the bagful) is called "The Dog's Balls." --Mike]

Butters looks proud

Our chocolate lab, Jazz, still has all of her beloved toys and balls. Licked and licked and nibbled. But never destroyed.

Now, she has rewired the occasional trailer (as in, destroyed the wiring), or stripped the insulation off external air-conditioning systems, or pulled out an entire yards worth of irrigation pipes.

But toys and balls. They're treated with due respect. My god do they stink :-)

The late Nigel, Monty Don's golden lab, had an interesting way with tennis balls.


From about a minute in.

Hope you can see it in foreign climes.

[Check. The brand I used (by the bagful) is called "The Dog's Balls." --Mike]
This is not safe to publish (at least where they speak Ye Olde English

Mike, there is an expression I've used all my life when I think something is great - "That's the dog's bollocks!" - I still say it sometimes.

You know what that means, don't you.........
James - The Kenosha Cockney ;-)


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