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Wednesday, 23 June 2021


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I've always worn a watch, and I like them. I don't spend big, all my watches were less than $250. I've got about a dozen or more in my collection, going right back to the Waltham brand, made in USA, that my dad gave me when I passed my Junior school certificate at age 15 in 1962. I remember that we always needed to guard our watches then, eg going to the beach. Not these days.

The thing is, I love mechanical precision, and elegance of design. Watches and cameras are masterpieces of mechanical design and manufacture. I also like Scandinavian minimalism, hence I've got two or three watches by Skagen and Obaku.

I'm a sucker for analogue/digital since it seems a natural combination, and Pulsar makes the most elegant IMHO.

I want the watch I wear to project my good taste. I also much prefer to briefly glance at my wrist, rather than have to dig my phone out from my pocket.

Such are the perils of the internet in general, I think. I've known for years that the cure for my own GAS would be simply to stop reading camera/gear blogs and websites. Pretty much any interchangeable lens camera from 2015 on (or, shoot, maybe even 2013 on) has everything I actually need to produce images that I want at the level of quality I want. But, alas, I keep reading them, which keeps making me think my gear is 'deficient' in some way--when, objectively for my purposes, it clearly is not.

By the way, although you do sometimes write about camera gear, I don't consider your blog a "camera/gear blog." So, I'd keep reading it even if I ever mustered the willpower to stop reading others.

Somehow, your journey reminds me of Jonathan Swift's "A Tale of a Tub" which contains "A Digression Concerning Critics," A Digression in the Modern Kind," "A Digression in Praise of Digressions," and several more digressions.

On the other hand, we're hitting the beginning of a chip shortage and digital cameras and their sensors might be at elevated prices for a while:


I usually end up getting a cheap camera bag whenever I get the GAS bad- now I gotta goddang watch in my cart!

How was it when you got your last camera? Was that something you needed? I haven't bought a camera myself all year long, though I did buy two the year before, Fuji XT3 and X-H1. I keep hoping Fuji is going to figure out how to do better video autofocus so I don't have to switch to Sony. In watches I have a Seiko similar to yours. I try to avoid being around my phone too much for emf exposure reasons. Also on the advice of a natural healer I swapped the metal band on the watch with a leather one. Apparently leather doesn't so much impede the flow of life energies through the body.

LOL. I'm not interested in the A6600, but I do want to know which Seiko you bought. When Dad passed in 2019, in a fit of nostalgia, my younger brother bought each of his brothers a Seiko 5. It was the watch Dad wore when we were kids and that we were never allowed to touch.

It's the only watch I wear.

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