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Saturday, 05 June 2021


One of my eBay policies is to always offer a two- or three-day complete satisfaction guarantee (with the buyer paying return shipping).

I think that makes every item I sell much more attractive, and in the years I've been selling, I have never had a single return -- I'm sure the return shipping cost is a partial discouragement.

I avoid E-Bay after having bad experiences long ago. I just sell my gear back to B&H for wholesale (my description). They pay for shipping and I have never had a problem with selling or buying used or new gear.
If a friend wants to buy from me I still sell it for wholesale value.

[I did not even know B&H did that. --Mike]

Many people in U.K. use mpb which has branches in US and elsewhere:
I believe their prices are probably helped by operating in several counties.

Way too complicated for me. I find out what KEH (or MPB) will pay me for it. That’s what I consider “wholesale” price. I figure out what they’re going to sell it for. They mark up 50%, in other words they pay about 2/3 of what they expect to sell it for. My sell price is halfway between those two numbers, I won’t sell for any less because the hassle and risk of a private sale has to command a premium over “wholesale”. If nobody is willing to pay that amount over wholesale, off to KEH/MPB it goes. KEH/MPB earns their premium when selling with their no hassle guarantees and return policies, and that seems fair.

My eBay purchasing strategy:

1) Seller must have 100% positive feedback on hundreds of transactions, most of them photography related.

2) Buy from domestic sellers.

3) Listing must have many high quality photos and they have to look good to me.

I have bought a number of expensive lenses following this strategy and never had a bad experience.

Addendum to previous.

Never sell on Ebay.

Fred Miranda Forums buy/sell or GetDPI buy sell are excellent and the only place I will sell equipment.

I look at the eBay recent sales, discard the high and low, as you do, but then I discount the average by 10%. Thing is, when I decide to sell something, I want it gone. And these are not investments. So I price to avoid a great deal of haggling. I should say, I don't sell stuff that often.

I've sold used gear to B&H as well, they make it easy, which is the plus. The minus is you get the "wholesale" or what is a much lower price than you could likely sell on eBay. The Fred Miranda Buy/Sell forum is really good since you have to be a member of the Fred Miranda community.

You can go onto the B&H web site and go to the Used section, and they have a web page where you can use pulldown menus to select your gear and then get the trade-in value.


My method is quite similar to yours. I try to place the starting bid under the market average, with the idea that it's then more enticing. Good photos. Wordy description. When I'm selling, I want the thing GONE. If it's too precious, why am I trying to sell it?

When looking at Ebay buyer ratings, I look at comments and conversations between seller and buyer to evaluate the negative ratings in case its slightly below 98%. That allows me to discard ratings by nutcases

Apparently eBay is splitting with PayPal soon and instead are demanding direct access to your bank account. Presumably this saves them having to share fees, but I personally don’t feel comfortable with that and I doubt I’ll use eBay again once this comes into effect.

I never used it much anyway but it will be awkward as I don’t know of an equivalent service (no I’m not on Facebook and will never sign up!).

I agree with Mr. Rich above. Once eBay demanded that I link my bank account to my account there, I also decided no. One bureaucratic workaround might be to open a new bank account with a minor amount in it exclusively for ePrey use.

I have found Roberts to be excellent to deal with when buying used equipment (no experience with selling used to them). Their "Very Good" rating is equal to or better than KEH's "Bargain" and you get a 6-month warranty on anything that is in operable condition. You can save yourself a few more dollars by using their Used Photo Pro website to buy directly instead of eBay taking their cut.

I have never had a bad experience with KEH, B&H, or Adorama when buying used, either (I always go for ratings Bargain or higher from KEH, of 8 or higher from B&H and E or E+ from Adorama), but I prefer how Used Photo Pro includes the serial number in the thumbnail of the listing and provides multiple photos so you can get a better idea of condition of the exact item you are interested in and you can compare it with others they have listed. They also will throw discounts on slow-moving stock from time to time.

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