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Wednesday, 26 May 2021


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So, a dinghy with a dingy border.

Mike, 2008? The funny thing is, I distinctly remember your reply to a comment like it was yesterday........

These catboat owners wave!
Mike J."

Posted by: Mike J. | Monday, 13 October 2008 at 11:43 PM

I love the reworked photo, but I really appreciated the comment by Rory in 2008: Looks like lazy days when there is nothing wrong with the world - just don't turn on the radio or buy a newspaper!.

Rory--welcome to 2020!!

I'm not much of a one for bright saturated colours unless that's what the subject looked like; I prefer a realistic rendition. However... sometimes just for fun, I'll go for 1970s postcard mode. You see, I remember English postcards with their saturated colours and deep blue polariser skies.

So, using DxO Optics I whack the ClearView setting up to maximum, and throw in about 8% strength yellow filter. ClearView is really for correcting distance haze but even if you haven't got that in your shot it perks up sky details and colour richness a treat. The little bit of yellow filter is the icing on the cake; it sunnies up the scene just the right amount. :)

It's no different from what Mike was doing, (he claims...) but I'm just referring back to a different sort of image; a different sort of memory.

I just last night, in fact, used the art filter Vintage III on my PEN-F and I actually quite liked it, surprisingly. Doing it that way saves all the tedium of post processing on the computer. And it seemed good enough for me, anyway.

David Hurn is an absolute gem. I can't pass a mention of him by without saying that his 1973 image, "Sheep shelter from the rain. Mynydd Epynt, Wales", is one of the most evocative images I've ever seen (but you might not understand quite how evocative unless you've spent times in Wales). I saw it in a magazine when I was about 8 years old and have never forgotten it. https://www.magnumphotos.com/shop/collections/david-hurn/sheep-shelter-from-the-rain-mynydd-epynt-wales-1973/

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