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Tuesday, 25 May 2021


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I also like a key line around my b&w images. Funny thing though. In silver-based printing printing to the edge of the negative was a bit of swagger: "See? The image is as I saw it with no crop needed to find the art." With Silver Efx Pro, it is exactly the opposite. Instead of adding a boarder to edges of your image, SFX covers the boarder of your image the a "picture" of a boarder. So your final digital image actually shows slightly less of the frame than what was composed in camera. Is there an antonym for "swagger"? In practice, of course, every photographer only has to rationalize his or her own practice. Me? I just like things in a container. . . .

Regarding that 2013 post about trying to get the look of your digital image output to be consistent with your earlier work on Tri-X, here's a picture posted online in 2008 by a photographer from Ukraine. I'd kill to be able to get the look in this image in my digital pictures.


I love how your family is so used to you taking photos and they're not self conscious about it or act unnatural. I have the hardest time getting my family to do the same. It's the candid photos truly grasp life, ones you can remember exactly how you felt in that moment, not staged and forced to say cheese.

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