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Friday, 14 May 2021


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I keep hearing that Sigma will finally start making much of its DN line for Fuji X-Mount as well, which I would love. I suspect they'd skip the zoom, but who knows. These ones: https://www.sigmaphoto.com/lenses/dn-for-mirrorless?limit=all

Currently the OLD 27mm f2.8 is my go to standard lens. But I've always wanted a 30mm lens. So can you use youe influence and convince Sigma to adapt the 30mm to the Fujifilm X mount. Thanks.

Mike, FYI,
Sigma also makes the 30/1.4 HSM Art lens. Its a bit more expensive ($500), but its excellent. I used it on my Sigma SD Quattro body. Its available in Sony and Canon mounts as well.

I am not surprised by your reaction. The previous Sigma 30mm f1.4 DC was a bit of a cult hit. I picked one up for APS-C shooting on a Pentax DSLR. It’s sharp in the centre, not sharp where it doesn’t matter, and is fast enough to give the impression of medium format — normal field of view with less DOF when desired. Dare I say - some of the photos from that lens have the much debated “pixie dust”...

Word is the new lens is all of that and better across the frame.

Sigma’s previous generation - m4/3 and aps-c f/2.8 lenses - the 19, 30, and 60mm - were really good for the prices as well. No image stabilization, but I picked up all three for my a6500. And they’re very compact.

Sigma is good at hitting a sweet spot in terms of pice/performance.

Mike, my 56mm for m4/3 (I use it on my G9) is amazing. Close focusing, very light and very sharp.

I shoot Pentax and Pentax primes for full frame cameras are great bargains. I recently purchased from B&H a used (slightly used) Pentax FA 43mm f1.9 Limited for $425. It is one of their most beautiful lenses - sprinkled with pixie dust! The older Pentax film camera primes (F, FA, and DFA) can have full functionality on Pentax full-frame and APS-C cameras and are amazing bargains. Mike, like you, I try to be thrifty and I dread having to change systems someday.

Some years ago, when I decided to go from a Sony A99 to apsc there was really only one option - Fuji. Sony had a dismal range of lenses for its apsc cameras. Few in number and generally poor in performance. A bit better now but I still cannot understand why they have left it to Sigma to really fill the gap. Sigma have certainly stepped up. Before their reinvention their lenses had a reputation for bad quality control.

Hi Mike, your favourable review of the Sigma lens didn't surprise me at all. I think they are a top-notch lens maker along with Fuji and I'm certainly a fan of both. I have a set of fixed lens Sigma Quattro cameras - for architectural stuff mainly - and quality is exquisite. I once owned a Hasselblad X-Pan with three superb lenses. Blad in name only of course, camera and lenses being made by Fuji

I have the same feeling with the Nikkor AF-S 1.4/58mm as you have with 1.4/24mm Zeiss.

I even bought a very nice used Nikkor AF-S 1.4/58mm a few month back for €1000 from Calumet, but returned it a few days later. Its very good, but simply not that good.

While I had no problem to shell out more money for a used Nikkor AF 1.4/28mm D (before the AF-S 1.4/28mm and AF-S 1.8/28mm where available), or a new AF-S 1.4/85mm, the AF-S 1.4/58mm is just way too expensive for what it is and the comparatively cheap Nikkor AF-S 1.4/50 is 'good enough'.

[I felt the same way about that one! I liked it, just not quite enough for the price of entry. --Mike]

Wow. That is one fugly lens. I've seen better looking security cameras.

As mentioned, sigma 19 and 30 2.8 primes were $99 new! Why on earth lenses have now shot through the stratosphere chasing perfection is beyond me. These were great lenses for sony APs-c. Such a shame there aren't more $99 AF lenses that just work. The last thing I want is a perfectly corrected lens.

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