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Monday, 10 May 2021


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The A7C is limited to EFCS, which destroys the bokeh at higher shutter speeds, or electronic shutter, which can create warping and captures less data/dynamic range (at least it used to with Sony, not sure if that's still the case.) So A7C is a no-go for me and I hope Sony doesn't copy this shutter choice with the A6600 successor. Nikon figured it out, btw -- the Z5, for example, uses EFCS at 1/500 or slower and automatically switches to full shutter for anything higher.

Well …. You are not mentioning the sensor stabilization …

I have not held a 6600, but I believe your assessment. I've tried one of the lower level Sony 6xxx series in a box store and quickly set it back down. I'm happy that they are making quality versions. To me, my X-T4 feels that way. The shutter in particular seems a cut above most other cameras I have used (except the X-H1). I have never regretted paying for better build quality. Sometimes that also comes with a weight penalty that's a couple ounces over my preferencce, but that's another topic. Time to bring back the titanium camera?

Heh. I'm not the one to ask. I just bid on a Leica M type 240 because I love that rangefinder gig. And that's the key with the Sony - if it does exactly what you want and need, is it really too expensive? Is it a Veblen product if you spend months looking for the cheapest one you can find because you want to WORK with it?

I've been daydreaming about changing my system for the past couple of years and mulled over the new Canon RF and Nikon Z systems, but couldn't really justify them.

Then that Chinese company came out with the adapter to mount Contax G lenses on Sony bodies. I've got the Zeiss 28mm, 35mm and 90mm Gs and they sit forlorn, unused. Here, finally, I might be able to put them back into service with better AF than their native mode.

At first I thought the Sony A7C full frame might be the one, but the reviews are a bit lukewarm. I suspect a mark 2 would come out as soon as I bought it.

The other point is full frame vs APS-C. I used to think full frame was the sine qua non, especially for these lenses, but I've come around to the idea that with the improvement in sensor resolution and quality these days, APS-C is 'good enough' now. Plus, you gain with telephoto reach. These Zeiss G lenses will become 42mm, 52mm and 135mm, not a bad range.

So your praise of the 6600 comes at the right time. And it has IBIS, essential for me.

OTOH, I have the Pentax K-5 which I like very much, and five zoom lenses for it. I like the new K-3 mk3 too. Decisions, decisions.

Have you considered an X-E3/E4 with a compact 27mm 2.8?

I had an a6600 for a year before succumbing to GAS and buying an a7c. The a6600 was a gem. You've mentioned the build quality, but the battery life and the autofocus were also superb. My only complaint was that Sony dropped the useful built-in flash.

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