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Saturday, 15 May 2021


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David Thorpe’s goodbye message is touching and typical of the man’s approach to Youtube. A simple, short explanation delivered over an equally simple line of type.

His Kindle guidebooks explaining the settings and menu complexities of many cameras will remain of value, particularly to those buying used cameras and feeling bewildered by the lack of a manual. His Youtube camera reviews will be helpful as well.

Because of my strenuous avoidance of video for most things I look for on the web, I've missed him so far. His video on "natural portraiture" is quite good. That final audio is quite affecting. Perhaps it's possible for things to go better than he expects; I hope so.

I agree with your view, David Thorpe is one of the best YouTube equipment reviewers.I always thought it was partly down to his scripting the talks, though I have no evidence for that and they sound entirely natural, so maybe ‘rehearsing’ would be a better guess.

What an interesting life and person.


He will be missed. Always enjoyed his voice of reason for m43 videos.

David's occasional written blog posts are good value as well.

And he plays an ukulelê! Only good people play that instrument!

It was you that directed me to David’s YouTube channel.
I immediately subscribed and was always eager to see the next video, they were not frequent but each was top quality and trustable. He is also one of the few that thinks MFT size is more than good enough, can be really the right side (you are another).
His calm voice and pace on his videos is a really good and positive balance when compared to high pace and flashy reviewers. Really good to listen and learn.
When I saw his last video hours after being posted and made me sad.
I hope everything turns to the better.
He really is one of the best.

I'll miss him.

Thanks and goodbye David.

To those who don't like video on the web, you know that David also had a blog. The posts were very far and between (2 or 3 a... year!). Nevertheless really very very enjoyable to read.
The link: http://m43blog.dthorpe.net/

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