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Sunday, 04 April 2021


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Easter has been important in my life as the weekend my favorite science fiction convention, Minicon, is held on. I haven't missed one since the first I attended, in 1973. (Below-average numbers of SF fans are Christian, above-average numbers of SF fans have issues with family of origin, and we can get great hotel rates on Easter weekend. Back in the day there was also an Easter convention on the East coast, and one on the West coast.)

But, there is no Minicon this year (and was none last year), due to our global pandemic, and our incompetent handling of it (it need not have disrupted life for nearly this long, if only we'd taken it seriously early). As my bubble sometimes says, "I has a sad."

That’s a bit harsh, only wishing Christians well on this pagan festival of Ēostre ;(. Ah well, only to be expected from a Christian, nevertheless I’ll turn the other cheek and wish you well! (Written mainly in jest.)

Speaking of resurrection, waiting for your thoughts on the new Pentax...

Thanks for bringing attention to the significance of Holy Week.

We all like cute little babies but a death certificate is more powerful than a birth certificate. You need a death certificate to exercise your Will, claim Life Insurance and to inter the body.

And as for the resurrection...wow, that truly gives hope.

There are lots of new revisionist Bible translations out there these days. I really like Jonathan Alter's Old Testament translations because he takes pains to render the puns, the alliterations and the constant reference to real world physical experience in the original.
What makes it odd is that I'm an atheist. To me it's self-evident that religion is a cultural construct. Daniel Dennett argues that religion evolved because it was advantageous social glue in an earlier age of genocidal tribal warfare. I just appreciate the newer translations for providing a better window into the (very human) original authors' minds.

Palm Sunday-

Thanks for that. I do read the bible and found this article interesting, so I ordered a copy from amazon.ca. (I don't know if you get any benefit from Amazon Canada purchases, but I hope so.)

Mike, a happy Easter to you too. Sorry, am picking up on this a day late. That link to David Bentley-Hart's Bible translation/paraphrase is interesting.

There are some new 'translations' or 'inspired versions' of the Bible, some by scholars such as 'The Message' by Eugene Peterson and so on. I think they need to be treated with a measure of caution but can aid understanding when used alongside the King James Version or the original 1980s New International Version. Over here in the UK, some evangelical scholars think highly of the New American Standard Bible.

May God bless and keep you this Easter.

Easter is the perfect time of the year to watch “Life of Brian” one more time...

Splitting Hairs-

Easter and Christmas were always major events in my childhood. At Christmas we had oranges of various kinds and Good Friday morning we queued up at the baker’s shop for hot cross buns which were only sold that day. Nowadays I think they start selling hot cross buns at Christmas and of course oranges are available all the year round.

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