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Wednesday, 21 April 2021


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Nice take on the names and subsequent events. Is it ironic or a pointer from a higher source to catch? I guess that would be up to any individual to ponder.

Good points, well made and I agree with them.

For years in the late 1950's and 60's the curator of the Arms & Armor collection at the Metropolitan Museum was. . . wait for it. . . Helmut Nickel.

Don't forget the "war on crime." It became an excuse to pour money into the prison industrial complex, such that we now incarcerate a larger percentage of our population than any other nation.

Thinking about Words and their use, I don't have a PIN Number.
I have a PIN for my bank card use but the number does not have a separate number I need to use it.

I've said for a while that the writers of Real Life are hacks, and that they've totally given up of late. I expect the next nationwide criminal manhunt to be for Guy Bigbad and the next awful-but-inexplicably-popular founder of a billion-dollar tech startup to be Broseph Richman.

Merriam-Webster defines irony as the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning

Irony is wasted on me—often I just don't get it. Maybe it's just too subtle for the likes of me.

That useless idiot spoiled a useful word. OTOH, the other guy with the fitting name may have, like an editorial cartoon's stripped-to-its-essence imagery, provided an "Oh. Now I get it" realization of what oppression looks like.

Irony and it's close relative black humour, are coping mechanisms. Relax Mike, take a deep breath, the next Apple event will be better.

We all must have our own lists of American ironies as well as inverted ironies like these. Take my doctors. I've seen a proctologist named Dr. Brown, but you'd expect that. I have another doc named Dr. Mordick. He's not my urologist, but my hand surgeon. My urologist is Dr. Carpenter, so that pair has it all backwards.

Sometimes it seems we're all living in a big Dickens story, where the names comment on the characters. The Chauvin/chauvinist correspondence may be the best example yet.

That's a lovely picture documenting an unlovely event, ironically.

Several years ago I had bumper stickers made that say, "I Bid 4NT." Bridge players understand.

The war on drugs sure has, uh, what's the word?... oh yeah, drug on for a long time.

Bang on article Mike. Your writing this past year (especially) has been tip top.

I've had a lot of careers. Navy Intelligence, Telecom Technician, Software Developer and on and on. I, like so many, am basically driven by the desire to help others.

If you, or I, had to make the lives of other people worse, in order to keep our job, then that job simply wouldn't be worth having. End of.

Now, a politician (in my country, just like yours), will, in the main, turn a blind eye to the suffering of others, just to placate their self interested base, in order to keep their job.

So I pity politicians. Imagine having that much shame in your soul. It must make looking in the mirror a painful experience.

But no. I'm wrong. They've been raised differently to me and you Mike. They've been raised in a way you and I can't fully comprehend. Try as we might.

These poor souls and their gormless supporters, fear gray. To them, it's either black or it's white. You're either with them. Or against them.

The comments you'll get will probably bear this out.

Reagan’s secretary of energy was Watt, press secretary Speaks. My podiatrist is Dr. Footer, my veterinarian is Dr. Katz.

The first one I remember people mocking was the "war on poverty". And that's something that can, in principle, perhaps even be defeated.

Then there was the "war on drugs", which I called the "war on some drugs" (since alcohol and tobacco seemed not to be on their list). Drugs kicked our ass, as a friend who participated in some of the Central American aspects of that war said; but then, repression is never the answer.

Here's the Google Ngrams chart for those two plus the one you mentioned:


Hey, I thought I was the only guy that used the term: "Bush the Lesser"!

In British English it may be of note that ‘Trump’ is another word for fart.

'The verb "to trump," of course, means "to override," as when a card of a different suit overrides the suit that was led.'

Over here it's also a (childish) euphemism for 'to break wind'.

Second comment: For years here in Vermont the Chair of the Public Service Board, which oversees electric utilities, was Jim Volz.

And now the fight against a virus.. Bet it will stay a while? The underlying universal law beeing: where you focus, energy flows and connects and creates. Wouldn't it be thereforde much wiser to engage a campaign for good health by plant based food (for example)?

Wake and Payne are a funeral directors near here. I work with a physio called Hipwell. Nominative determinism is always good for a wry smile.

"It's snowing and below freezing here right now. Making me anxious about the health of the delicate blooming plants hereabouts."

That weather also can't be helpful to all the birds that recently hatched or fledged, or the insects they need to survive.

Let's not leave out my favorite: the inventor of the modern toilet was Thomas Crapper.


I think that one went the other way, though, right? He came first and then the word was derived from the name. I could be wrong. --Mike


As mentioned earlier by Patrick Dodds, there is another (proper) term for it - Nominative Determinism. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nominative_determinism

I may add more later but my personal favourite was of the short lived leader of a rather foul political party over here called UKIP, the rather aptly named - Richard Braine. He insisted it was Richard and not Dick but you can guess what stuck!

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