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Sunday, 11 April 2021



Tri-X in D76 1:1 dilution but how about adding 68?

My wife's license plate is N8FPA. I am sure that some people look at it trying to figure out what it means but it actually does not mean anything. It is her FCC issued amateur radio license. BTW my FCC license is N8FNR.

I know what it means and I’m interested in the Mac Mini ...

I must be the only guy here who developed TriX in HC110. It's been years since I've used film, and I've forgotten the dilution. I'll have to look at my old developing notebooks.

I was going to say that many British photographers might find it hard to decipher as we tended to use Ilford films (HP4, HP5, FP4) rather than Kodak; similarly, our developers, which may well have been chemically very similar to the ones you used, had different names. But Roger Bradbury beat me to it....

From excess lard to oral sex: not an easy transition.

Tri X in D76 1 to 1

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